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When it comes to one thing that almost everyone can agree on, most people will admit that they love chocolate. Whether you enjoy it as a quick snack or even a light dessert, chocolate is a delicious treat that is perfect for both young and old. Of course, one name that is synonymous with quality chocolate is Godiva. Godiva is highly respected by consumers and industry professionals around the world, making it a prime choice for many people when it comes to shopping for these sweet treats. What’s more, when you use a Godiva promo code, you can make your shopping experience all the more sweeter and affordable. 

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About Godiva

In business since 1926, Godiva has created a legacy of high quality, premium chocolate. It has been associated with luxury and has been regarded as one of the finest chocolate brands available around the world. It’s no wonder why many people choose Godiva products as gifts, whether it’s for a special someone in their life or even for a corporate event. When you purchase an item from Godiva and present it to someone, you are truly making a statement.

Looking to learn more about the latest Godiva sale, find a Godiva outlet, or learn more about available Godiva deals? Look no further than Coupofy! We have all of the information that you need about this amazing chocolatier and what you’ll need to know before you make a purchase. If you’ve been searching the Internet for information on how you can save money on your next Godiva order, you’re certain to find everything you need to know right here. 


Save Money with Godiva Rewards

If you really love chocolate and you can’t seem to get enough of Godiva’s products, you’ll definitely want to sign up for the company’s rewards program. Godiva Rewards provides members with a number of benefits including an exclusive birthday gift, free standard shipping for one online order, sneak peeks at new collections, and early access to exclusive sales. Also, when you visit participating Godiva boutiques, you’ll receive one free piece of chocolate every month.

Having access to the exclusive sales and deals is truly enough of a reason to sign up for this rewards program. Godiva Rewards will provide you with plenty of exclusive offers that you aren’t going to receive anywhere else. This may also mean receiving a promo code Godiva doesn’t send out on the email list. If you want to get the most for your money and receive treats from Godiva on a regular basis, signing up for this program is highly recommended.

Godiva Gifts

Sometimes the best way to show someone that you have been thinking of them is to surprise them with a gift from Godiva. As one might imagine, Godiva offers many gift options to choose from and takes the gifting experience very seriously through packaging and delivery. Whether you are interested in providing a gift large or small, there is something suitable for everyone.

Browsing through Godiva’s gift options, you will notice that you can sort your choices by occasion, price, free shipping, flavor, and much more. Sorting by flavor is a great option if you know someone likes a specific flavor and you want to ensure that you are choosing something that they are likely to enjoy. You can aim to send over a small sampler box of chocolates or even choose something more elaborate, such as a gift basket.

If you’re not certain about what type of gift you should purchase or even what type of chocolate the gift recipient may enjoy, there’s still options to consider. Choosing to provide them with a gift card can be a good decision. This will allow them to choose something from the site that they are interested in and will ensure that you don’t run the risk of choosing flavors they might not like. Gift cards are available in a variety of different amounts, so you truly have flexibility regarding the size of your gift. As with all gifts from Godiva, gift cards are packaged in a truly elegant and thoughtful manner.

Getting Access to a Godiva Promo Code

Although Godiva products aren’t particularly expensive, if you want to get the maximum value’s worth of your money, you should use a Godiva coupon when you shop here. The most common way to receive coupons for Godiva is to sign up for the company’s email list. This will provide you with updates on a regular basis regarding sales, promotions, in store events and more. You will also receive Godiva coupon offers on a regular basis.

Godiva does have a print catalog that it sends out during certain times of the year. It is a good idea to sign up for this catalog if you like to shop at local Godiva locations. Sometimes the printed catalogs have promotions and coupon codes that can not only be used at a local store, but can also be redeemed online. These discounts may differ from the Godiva deals that you would receive via email.

Signing up for the rewards program is also highly recommended. Anytime a store has a rewards program, it’s always in your best interest to sign up for it if you want to have access to exclusive discounts and sales. Godiva has a very beneficial rewards program, so you won’t want to overlook getting a membership. Membership is free and easy to sign up for.

Finally, don’t forget to follow Godiva on social media. Godiva has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, and YouTube. If you are active on any of these platforms, you will want to follow Godiva there as well for the instant updates. Occasionally, there may be a post of a promo code Godiva hasn’t sent out via email or in the rewards program, so following on social media can truly be beneficial.

Redeeming Your Godiva Promo Code

Without a doubt, once you’ve spent a little time shopping on Godiva’s website, you’re certain to have a number of items in your cart that are just waiting to be purchased. When you’re finally ready to make your purchase, you can navigate to your shopping cart and proceed to check out. During this time, you will be asked for shipment information, payment information, and some information about your Godiva promo code.

Provide your Godiva discount code in the appropriate box and then apply it. Upon applying the code, you should see that your final price of your purchase has been discounted. If no discount has been applied or you see an error code, you might need to try applying the promo code again. If you still don’t have any success with receiving a discount, you may want to check the code or try another coupon Godiva sent to you via email.

Keep in mind that sometimes Godiva will have promotions that will be applied automatically in your cart. With these promotions, you might not need to use a coupon or promo code to redeem the discount, but you should still see the discount indicated when you are checking out.

Why Didn’t My Godiva Coupon Work?

If your Godiva promo code didn’t work during the checkout process, this can happen for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is that the code might have expired. All coupons have a set period of time in which they need to be used. If you do not use the coupon within that period of time, the coupon will expire. At that point, it will be replaced by a new coupon that you can use instead.

You might want to check if you are using the proper coupon code. Coupon codes are very specific and must be entered in exactly as they were provided to you. For example, if you are trying to redeem a Goddiva promo code, this wouldn’t work as the code is clearly not spelled correctly for the store. If you have a Godiva groupon, this type of code can only be used in a specific way, so you would need to follow the terms according to what Groupon has provided you at the time of purchase.

Another consideration regarding terms and conditions can be found in the type of promotions that Godiva offers. Godiva tends to offer a lot of promotions that require that certain terms must be met. Sometimes you have to purchase multiple items or specific items in order to redeem the discount that the coupon is offering. These terms have to be met in the same order otherwise they wont be redeemable at all.

Godiva Liqueur Truffles

A popular product that many people try to use their Godiva discount code on are the Godiva Liqueur Truffles. Due to the nature of this product, since it contains alcohol, the truffles are only available for sale in certain locations. As such, the product can only be purchased at the Godiva owned boutiques that are located in certain states and it is not possible to purchase them online at all. If you are interested in purchasing this product at a boutique, Godiva’s website has a list of locations where you may be able to find them.

Shipping Information

Godiva features many shipping options to ensure that your purchase arrives to its destination when you have requested. These options include standard, second day, next day, and Saturday delivery. It is not possible to ship on Sundays and it is not always possible to ship on Monday since weather conditions sometimes prevent couriers from being able to ship over the weekend. 

All orders that are placed after 1 PM Eastern Time are calculated as if they have been placed on the following day. For example, if you place a order with next day delivery on a Monday before before 1 PM Eastern Time, the order will arrive on the following day. However, if you placed that same order after 1 PM, the order would arrive on the following business day, which would be Wednesday.

Shipping costs for all shipping methods will vary depending on the cost of your overall purchase. If you want to waive the cost of shipping for your order, you may want to try using a Godiva free shipping code instead. This generally only applies to standard shipping, but sometimes you can get it to apply to a higher level of shipping if there is a special promotion available.

Return Policy

Godiva holds itself to the highest standards possible, knowing that its customers do the same. If for any reason you are not pleased with your order, Godiva encourages you to contact customer support as soon as possible so that they can rectify the issue. In doing so, you can return your order and receive a replacement or exchange if necessary.

Due to the nature of the products that Godiva provides, there is not a specific or typical process involved with making a return. All returns tend to vary depending upon the circumstances involved with your order. The decision will vary on a case by case basis when speaking with customer service. However, in many cases, customers that have had issues with their orders did not even have to send their order back for Godiva to take care of the entire situation to their satisfaction.

Treat Yourself to a Delicacy with Godiva

Without a doubt, if you are going to invest in chocolate, you will want to invest in a chocolate brand that you know will truly provide you with a delicious, premium quality experience. Whether you are purchasing chocolate for yourself or someone else, when you shop at Godiva, you have the assurance that you are purchasing products from one of the best chocolatiers in the world.

It’s clear that this is one company that truly values its customers and aims to provide them with the highest quality results with every purchase. What’s more, although Godiva is associated with luxury and high-end products, it doesn’t have to mean that every purchase is expensive. Signing up for Godiva’s rewards program and using a Godiva promo code with every purchase will help you to save on a regular basis.

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