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It's vital for people to eat right.  NatureBox helps people do just that.  The company sends its customers special nutritious snacks that aren't harmful to their health.  They don't have any artificial ingredients either and are quite tasty by all accounts.

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About NatureBox

Whenever you make the decision to join their website, you'll be sent five different snacks to try over the course of the month.  If you already know what you want, then you are free to select it.  If you don't actually know what you want however, you can have the company send something that they think you'd enjoy.  There are over 100 different snacks to try, so you'll never get bored.


NatureBox is also socially responsible and does its part to help the community.  They have joined forces with the Feeding America program.  With this arrangement, their mission is to deliver one million meals to hungry individuals by the end of the year.  They aim to donate a meal for every box that their customers receive.

NatureBox  Website

The official website can be found by visiting  The company knows that some people may be interested in trying their services, but may still have their doubts.  With this in mind, they offer potential customers a free trial.

They'll simply need to pay a couple of dollars for shipping.  In return, they'll get to try five different snacks from their assortment.  If you don't cancel within the first month, then the trial user will automatically be enrolled in a monthly plan.  It's very simple to cancel the service which can easily be done online.

While on the website, make sure that you check out their blog too.  You'll learn about a lot of different healthy recipes that you can make yourself.  There is also other information that you'll appreciate learning.

There is also the option to sign up for their official newsletter.  This is a great way to learn about new snacks that the company plans to release.  Recipes are also provided to members of the email list.  The company can also be reached by connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

NatureBox Sells

Customers can buy a wide variety of snacks.  They include fruit bars, nut bars, clusters, dried fruits, chips, pretzels, and nuts and seeds.  Other options are granola, popcorn, and baked snacks.  Whenever you get something, you can also get premium add-ons.  These add-ons include hummus, olive dip, roasted red pepper, oatmeal, and jerky.

People who come online may have a hard time picking their own snacks to get.  One good way to make your selection is to see what everyone else likes.  You can easily do so by visiting the fan faves section.

If you choose not to start with a trial, then you can sign up for a monthly plan of five snacks being sent to your door.  However, you also have the option of prepaying for either three or six months.  By doing so, you will save money.

Make Savings At NatureBox With Coupofy Coupons

With Coupofy Coupons, customers can save money when shopping with NatureBox.  Just visit their dedicated webpage to see the list of special deals that's available.  If you find something you're interested in taking advantage of, then just click on it to be taken to their website.

Payment Methods

You will need to keep a major credit card on file to enable and keep your subscription to the service.

Shipping Options

Military orders (APO/FPO/DPO, etc.) are shipped via USPS Priority, and are processed once a week. Since military shipments are sent to an overseas location, there are times when tracking updates are not available as soon as a package leaves the US. That being said, tracking information resumes when the package reaches the military base. Transit time for military orders can take between 10-15 business days, or longer in some cases.

Return Policy

Customers have the option to cancel at anytime.  However, it's best not to wait until the end of the month or it may not have time to process the refund before you're billed again.


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