About Us


Coupofy is one of the largest networks of online stores with an instant flow of the greatest online deals available in the US market. We kicked of coupofy subsidy in Netherlands with dr-discount .We offer coupons for every shopping need from thousands of online stores nationwide. Our merchant list grows almost daily and includes merchants offering alternative payment options such as Bitcoin, PayPal etc.

We dare to bring disruptive technology innovations with a goal to redefine the online shopping market as we know it today. We have set our ultimate vision on improving your shopping experience and we always live up to our promises.

Coupofy is not only a coupon website. Our commitment is to take you on the cutting edge of your online shopping experience by developing new technologies that will allow you to shop faster, more conveniently and at a better price. Our automated ships sail through thousands of online stores every day and search for the most exclusive deals for you.

Coupofy was developed by Potential Asia while its team was travelling the world and by Potential.co.uk who previously built one of the largest discount websites in the UK.

OUR MISSION – To help you make the skyrocket deal. To purely delight you. Plus! We want to transform the way you think about online shopping and show you how to confidently navigate through massive options and shopping decisions. Simply because we want to make your life easier. Challenge for us, triumph for you.


“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”― Jack Kerouac, On The Road

1. Power of Action

We believe that life is about creating meaningful things with the people we meet and share our passion with. We are proud to work with talented people from around the globe who understand as we do, that accomplishing outstanding results requires a proactive, creative mindset and entrepreneurial tools to drive growth on a massive scale.

2. Challenging Status Quo

We don’t find comfort in traditional approaches and patterns. Challenging existing conditions is the baseline for our way of conceptual thinking. Our boldness in asking fearless questions and sailing up against a stream empowers us to develop unconventional online solutions and refurbishing the existing ones.

3. Trusting Our Instincts

When evaluating business ideas, we undertake a thorough analysis of market conditions, consumer trends and investment returns. Call us data geeks, chasing numbers and digging for meanings out of data. But don’t panic! We know when to let go and rely purely on our guts. We trust our instincts for exceptional people, ideas and also adventures.

4. Unconditional Freedom

You won’t find us sitting in offices, wearing suits and having one vacation a year. We keep on living and working in our own creative way. The location independent lifestyle, the freedom we value, the open-mindedness we share, the curiosity which fuels us, and the self-improvement we seek have brought our team together and grounded values of our work.