We are technopreneurs, digital marketers, bloggers, travelers, surfers, scuba divers, creatives and adventurists that have been shameless enough to be location independent in our work and lifestyle. You don’t find us sitting in offices, wearing suits and having one vacation a year. We have been traveling the world while working on our own companies, projects and personal missions. We chose to combine dynamic entrepreneurial life with the unconventional style of travelers. How thrilling!

After years of experiences from different countries, companies and markets, we have united our knowledge and put all our passion into building this mutual project. 

Our team is a unique blend of people from 6 countries over 2 continents. The Asian flavor mixed with the European invasion. We nourish our similarities and leverage our differences.

Living a nomadic life long enough, we share open-mindedness, mutual respect and curiosity combined with an instant need for self-improvement and freedom. What else? We are bold and like naughty jokes.

Bali has become a place where most of our team currently lives. We came for a month. We stayed for an adventure. Bali is brimming with creatives and entrepreneurs that provide a healthy blend of intellectual nourishment. It’s an exciting place to be at this point in time!

Meet our team here.