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1 Deals Redeemed Today allows you to shop from some of your favorite locations without having to leave your home. You could have virtually anything ranging from groceries to laundry delivered to your door. And when you use a coupon, you will get an even better deal for this level of convenience.

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The company, which is based in New York, New York, was founded by Paul Geller in 2004. It was created to make it simple for everyday people to place orders from restaurants and other local retailers. In order to start the process, customers simply visit the website and enter their current address. After doing so, they will be presented with a list of their options for placing an order from various establishments.


For customers who are looking to get special deals without having to use a discount code, joining the rewards program is definitely a good idea. Upon joining, you will start to accumulate points based on the amount of money you spend. After you've accumulated enough points, they can be redeemed for special prizes, including gift cards to use towards future orders.

At the moment, the service has topped a million users and is used in almost 40 cities. This number will certainly change in the future as they're always looking to expand the service into new areas. So, if they don't service your area at the moment, don't worry. That will likely change soon.

Example Coupon Codes

To save when placing your order, you can simply use a coupon. First-time customers can take advantage of a current promotion that offers savings of $13 off their first order. Another one that targets newcomers offers a savings of 20% as long as the order total is more than $10.

What They Sell

The company doesn't sell anything directly besides giftcards. Instead, customers merely shop from other retailers that are in their area. Nearby retailers that will deliver to your location will be determined after you enter your address. Grocery stores, restaurants, laundry services, and more are all options depending on your area.

The Website

In order to use the company's services, customers will have to visit their website at To get started, you simply need to enter your address and select whether you're interested in a delivery or pickup order. You can also sort by categories such as food, alcohol, groceries, and laundry. Since there are so many different possibilities in the food category, you can drill down even further to subcategories such as pizza, chinese, mexican, and more.

The company operates in a range of cities around the country, with more being added all the time. Customers on the website also have the option to browse by city in order to see local offers. They have many major cities listed currently such as Boston, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

While on the website, take a little bit of time to checkout the company's blog. They cover a range of useful topics, some about the company and other about new eating destinations that you could possibly try.

You should also know that the company is active on a number of different social media sites. If you become a fan or follower of theirs, then you will know when they're offering special coupon codes. You can find profiles of theirs on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.

Get the Convenient App

The company has sponsored an official app that gives customers the ability to place orders conveniently at their fingertips. The app is available for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices and can be found in both the Google Playstore and iTunes app stores.


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