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Unfortunately, in today’s world, artists tend to have it quite hard when it comes down to producing and publishing their art, in order to gain exposure. However, Minted represents an interesting website that brings forward a new idea, meant to help artists from all around the world get more exposure, but also earn money for their work. With this in mind, on here, independent artists and designers can go ahead and publish their work, as the company goes ahead and crowdsources art and graphic design through a wide array of monthly challenges. Once art is published onto the site, the public can go ahead and cast their votes for the winning entries. When the results are in, Minted starts producing the works of art as wall art, décor and stationery.

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About Minted

The company, which has recently managed to get quite a lot of exposure, was founded back in April 2007 by Mariam Naficy. The initial scope of the firm was to sell high-end stationery, but it soon adopted the crowdsourcing model when it came to realize that designs made by independent artist often outsold those coming from well-known, established brands. During its years of operating in this niche of the market, Minted has managed to raise around $90 million from a couple of investors, including Norwest Venture Partners, Benchmark Capital, and Technology Crossover Ventures.


The ideology behind the company is that they believe that great designs often thrives in the hands of independent artist, who, unfortunately, cannot freely promote and sell their work through the help of traditional retailers. The idea behind Minted is to sell great artwork, but also to help artists be discovered, and learn more about art, building a business and the process of gaining exposure.

What exactly do they sell?

To put things better into perspective, Minted sells artwork, put onto various products, including décor, wall art, actual pictures, or stationery. The actual products that the art is sold on tends to vary, so to learn exactly what you can buy at a certain moment in time, your best choice is to visit the website and see their current offer. It’s also worth pointing out that items can be customized with other designs as well, so if you want something more unique, simply let the store know.

What are the prices like? How about the payment methods?

When people hear about the purpose behind the website, most assume that the prices are a bit over their budget. Well, this is false. In fact, Minted has been created in such a way to make sure that people can easily purchase artwork, and thus, help artists get more exposure. Minted coupons are also available, and these are meant to greatly reduce the cost of your orders, thus helping you save a good amount of money. In order to see the latest Minted promotions coupons, simply keep an eye on Coupofy.

Just like most other major online stores, Minted accepts payments via most major debit and credit cards, including MasterCard and Visa.

What is the shipping process like?

In case a product on the site has caught your eye, you might want to learn more about the shipping process. At this moment in time, there are a total of four different shipping methods that you can pick from. Standard shipping takes 6-9 business days; priority shipping takes 7 business days, while expedited shipping takes 6 business days. In case you might happen to be in a rush, you can also opt for rush shipping, which takes only 5 business days.

What if I am not satisfied with an item that I have purchased?

The folks at Minted understand that sometimes, items may not be what you expected. If this is the case, the company will proceed to give you a full refund on all non-personalized items that you are not satisfied with. This includes most items which have not been customized by the store, including party décor, holiday décor, art, home décor alongside with fabric. In case you might happen to have any other questions, do make sure to contact the customer support team, which will get back to you soon with an answer to your request. 


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