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Customized Girl was established back in 2004.  The company produces a range of apparel and accessories.  But, not just any type of apparel and accessories though.  They believe that their customers should be able to express themselves however they desire.

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About Customized Girl

To this end, Customized Girl offers a selection of customizable products.  Their website makes the customization process extremely simple, so you'll have no trouble creating the exact look that you want.  The company originally only offered its products in an online venue.  However just recently, they took the initiative to open up offline retail locations.

Customized Girl

Customized Girl Website

Their official website is located at  Their website is all about customization and doing so is easy thanks to the design center.  The first time you visit the center, you'll be presented with a video tutorial that will provide you with all of the information you need to get started.  It will walk you right through using the simple-to-use interface.

The company is very confident in the products that it carries.  If you happen to find something being sold at a lower price, then you really need to send them an email.  They will make things right by offering you that lower price for your order.

Another good way to save money is to join their newsletter.  You'll be sent special offers and discount code on a regular basis.  This is definitely a good idea if you plan to become a regular customer.  Consumers can also connect with the brand on Facebook and Google+ by visiting the links to their official profiles available on the website.

Customized Girl Sells

You can buy all sorts of apparel and accessories from Customized Girl.  The women's section offers apparel like dresses, tops, bottoms, sweatshirts, and initimates.  There is also a youth category that offers tops, bottoms, and sweatshirts for infants and toddlers.

Although the name of the website may lead you to believe otherwise, there are also products available for men.  They include sweatshirts, underwear, tops, and bottoms.

Some of the accessories available for sale on the website include stuffed animals, cases, and bags.  They also have products for those who own pets such as bowls, tank tops, and even bandanas.

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Payment Methods

You will need to use a major credit card in order to pay for your purchase.  They currently accept Master card

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover cards

Shipping Options

If you have a group of people that need to place a similar order, then it's a good idea to come together for this common goal.  Doing so can help you save money since Customized Girl offers group discounts.  You have the option of choosing from an unlimited number of colors and don't have to worry about paying any setup fees.  If you spend more than $60 on your order, then it will be shipped out for free.

Return Policy

Customers have up to 30 days to contact the company and initiate a refund or exchange request.  They will let you know whether or not your order is eligible and provide you with authorization if it is.


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