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Pick Your Plum is a website dedicated to providing you with amazing boutique deals on a daily basis. Regardless of if you are interested in fashion, kids clothing, decor, toys, crafting items or beyond, Pick Your Plum has something for everyone and always has a discount available. The offerings available at Pick Your Plum feature discounts of up to 85% off of the usual retail price. When you use a Pick Your Plum promo code, you can save even more money during your shopping experience. 

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About Pick Your Plum

Pick Your Plum was established in early 2011 with the goal of bringing at least one deal to a small group of customers each day. As time progressed, the customer base continued growing and Pick Your Plum garnered greater access to available discounts. Years later, Pick Your Plum is more popular and useful than ever as an increasing percentage of people have become interested in making their shopping experiences more cost efficient and budget friendly.

If you’ve been searching for Pick Your Plum reviews or a Pick Your Plum coupon, you’re certain to find everything you need here on Coupofy. Our detailed exploration of what you can expect to find and encounter at Pick Your Plum will prepare you for any upcoming shopping experiences, whether you’re a potential or seasoned customer of the store.

Pick Your Plum

Why Shop at Pick Your Plum?

Pick Your Plum is a great option if you love shopping for unique finds at boutiques but you don’t like the high prices that are often associated with these options. If you like handcrafted items or have a penchant for new items that you can add to your household, Pick Your Plum can also be a very helpful resource. When you shop at Pick Your Plum, you never have to pay full price for anything, which makes it great for individuals who are budgeting or even those who are looking for more affordable gifts.

The company not only offers handcrafted boutique items, it also offers many of the popular items that individuals have seen listed on websites across the Internet. If you’ve been searching for an affordable shopping option, Pick Your Plum may be the perfect solution for you. New deals are posted every morning at 6 AM Pacific Time, so it’s always a good idea to check in regularly. Likewise, when you see something available, pay attention to everything mentioned in the listing; an item that you love today might not be available tomorrow, so it’s generally a good idea to snag it while it’s still available.

Where to Find a Pick Your Plum Promo Code

Are you interested in shopping at Pick Your Plum, but don’t know where to start looking for savings? For the best results in savings when shopping at this store, you’re going to need a Pick Your Plum coupon or promo code. You can use these codes to apply additional savings to your discounted item during checkout. There’s a few ways that you can get access to coupons before you start shopping.

First, Pick Your Plum has an email newsletter that you can sign up for which will provide you with 10% off upon confirmation. Your 10% off Pick Your Plum discount code will be emailed to you for immediate use. The email newsletter is a helpful tool because it will let you know when new sales and promotions become available. You may also receive various coupons throughout the year using this method.

Another option is to follow Pick Your Plum on social media. Pick Your Plum has accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus, so if you’re active on any of these platforms, you may want to follow the company there. Sometimes the company will post exclusive Pick Your Plum promo code offers that you won’t receive via email or anywhere else, so if you like the possibility of flash sales and other great promotions, you’ll want to get involved.

How to Redeem a Pick Your Plum Coupon

Once you have found the coupon that you want to use, you can start shopping. You’ll find that Pick Your Plum has an extensive selection of deals to choose from, so you’ll want to spend some time looking at everything to figure out what you want to purchase. Add your items to the cart and then navigate to the cart when you’re ready to make your purchase. This will begin your checkout process.

During checkout, you will be asked where you are shipping your items and how you are going to pay for the purchase. You will also be prompted to provide your Pick Your Plum promo code during this time. Copy and paste the code into the designated area and then click apply. You should see a discount applied immediately. If there isn’t a discount applied or you see an error code, you will want to try the coupon process again. If there are no results on the second try, we recommend trying a different Pick Your Plum coupon instead.

What to Do If A Pick Your Plum Discount Code Doesn’t Work

In general, it’s not uncommon for coupons to have issues during the redemption process sometimes. More often than not, it’s because the coupon you are trying to use has expired. All coupons have a period of time where they are still considered to be valid. Once this period has passed, the coupon expires and is replaced by another coupon. For example, if you are trying to use Pick Your Plum promo code June 2020 or Pick Your Plum promo code September 2020, these options would both be expired compared to using the most recent code that was released.

Paying attention to the type of code that you are using is also important. If you’re using a Plum goodness discount code or Plum trampoline promo code, these aren’t going to work if they’re not meant to be used on Pick Your Plum. For the best results during the discount redemption process, just use the recent Pick Your Plum coupon that you received recently via the email newsletter. If for some reason your coupon is still not working but you don’t believe it’s due to expiration or other common mistakes, you may want to consider contacting Pick Your Plum’s customer support for additional help.

Understanding the Order Process

Sometimes when you are shopping on Pick Your Plum, you might notice that you aren’t able to place your order at all. Generally, this will happen if you have items in your cart that have already sold out during the time you spent trying to do the checkout process. Other times, if you had an item in your cart and that item has since been removed from the site, you might experience the same issue. If you remove those items from your cart, your order will go through successfully in most cases.

When your order has been submitted, it is not possible for Pick Your Plum to make any changes to it. It is not possible to cancel your order either. For this reason, Pick Your Plum encourages customers to always check their items, quantities, shipping information and other important factors before submitting the order.

It is possible to order items from Pick Your Plum as a guest if you do not want to make an account on the website. With this method, you will receive an order confirmation email about your items and the order number, but you will not be able to check any Pick Your Plum order history information when you are on the website. It is important to keep your order number handy in case any issues arise with your order; without an account or order history, this number is the only way that customer service will be able to refer to your purchases and verify that they have occurred.

When your item is shipped, you will receive email updates with the status and tracking information, if provided. This way, Pick Your Plum can ensure that you are updated about your orders without requiring you to register an account and track via the website.


Due to the nature of Pick Your Plum’s marketplace, there are a few considerations to keep in mind regarding the shipment of your order. Pick Your Plum aims to provide you with your items as soon as possible. However, it’s important to realize that since Pick Your Plum’s marketplace is made up of a variety of different vendors, the shipping ultimately depends upon these vendors. Each vendor will have a listed shipping time for the items in the post that you will review prior to purchase.

When you shop on Pick Your Plum, you can have numerous items shipped from multiple vendors. As a result, you will want to keep updated by checking the ‘shipping’ tab in each item’s post page so that you will know when you can expect your items to ship out to you. All vendors use different shipping carriers, so the estimated time of arrive will also vary.

Vendors are also responsible for setting the shipping cost for their own items, which means that Pick Your Plum is not responsible for rates. For this reason, your chances of getting a Pick Your Plum free shipping code may vary. Pick Your Plum will provide these codes occasionally, but they are not always guaranteed. Some vendors may also have their own Pick Your Plum free shipping code that you can use instead.

Please note that any packages that are shipped back to the vendor labeled as undeliverable by the shipping carrier will be automatically refunded to you. The refunds are issued to the payment method that you used when you made your order, unless the order is returned after 40 days have passed. Any orders that are returned via this method after 40 days have passed will be refunded via store credit instead. Additionally, any larger items are usually shipped via carriers that do not ship to P.O. boxes, so please note this prior to making your purchase.


If for some reason you are not pleased with your order upon receiving it, you are encouraged to contact Pick Your Plum’s customer service team immediately. You have 30 days to take action regarding your order. You should include your order number and photographs that may help the customer service team to understand the issues with your items.

Due to the nature of Pick Your Plum’s marketplace, the company does not accept any returns or exchanges. However, if there is anything wrong with your order, such as if your items are damaged, you didn’t receive everything that you ordered or you have received an incorrect item, the team will work with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

Should You Shop at Pick Your Plum?

If you have never shopped at Pick Your Plum before, you may be wondering what differentiates it from shopping at other discount websites. Pick Your Plum stands out in comparison to these websites because it provides its customers with products that fit within a specific niche, such as items that you would generally purchase at boutiques. Providing these items to customers for significantly less has worked well for Pick Your Plum over the years and most customers have reported positive experiences in shopping with this company.

Pick Your Plum is ideal if you are looking for something unique for your home or even as a gift to someone. Featuring discounts of up to 85% off, when you shop at this store, you know that you’re purchasing items at prices that would be doubled or tripled if you were shopping for them anywhere else. Another added benefit is that the store provides their own discounts and coupons on top of these great prices, so when you’re shopping, you can use a Pick Your Plum promo code to save additional money. This is truly convenient and cost effective, whether your goal is to stay within a budget or you just want to ensure that you’re getting the best price possible for your next purchase. Acknowledging these points, Pick Your Plum is definitely worth checking out on your next shopping spree. 

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