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Thanks to the ecommerce solution provided by Shopify, individuals and companies can easily do business online selling their products.  It can also be integrated into retail point-of-sale systems.  When it comes to shopping, make sure you look for a Shopify discount code to use so you can save money.

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Shopify Information

The company was founded by Daniel Weinand, Scott Lake, and Tobias Lutke back in 2004.  The trio originally intended to open up a snowboarding equipment shop online.  After months of developing the ecommerce site, they launched it but as Shopify instead. 


It turned out to be the right decision.  The company has raised millions upon millions of dollars in funding from investors and has gone on to become listed on both the New York and Toronto stock exchanges. 

In recent years, Shopify has looked to expand its products and services.  It has an App Store that allows developers to sell mobile applications that have been integrated with Shopify.  They have also acquired a number of other companies such as a design studio named Jet Cooper and a mobile software developer by the name of Select Start Studios.

To date, the Canadian company has roughly 175,000 merchants listed on its website.  One of the biggest success stories for the company was when Amazon announced that it would start making use of its service after shutting down its own webstore service.  This caused Shopify's stock to climb dramatically.

Tons of Shopify Deals are Available

Thanks to a free trial offer, you can always test out Shopify before you spend any money on their services.  For customers, a great deal to take advantage of is the coupon that offers between $5 and $10 off of orders.  There is also a Shopify promotional code that offers you 20% off of your order if you spend more than $100. 

How Can You Use Shopify to Sell?

Shopify gives you many different ways to sell products and/or accept payments.  Standard ecommerce solutions are available, allowing you to setup an online store.  You can also integrate the service with a point-of-sale system.

A rather unique way of accepting payments is through social commerce. Create your very own Facebook shop to sell items in.  You can also place buyable pins on Pinterest or put up a Buy Now button on Twitter.

The Official Shopify Website

The official website can be found at  You will quickly see that there are tons of different ways that you can get started selling.  You can even use the service for free for up to 14 days without even having to put a credit card on file.

While on the website, it's definitely a good idea to browse through their discussion forum section.  The community is a helpful resource should you have any questions or concerns.  There are plenty of subforums so you can find the appropriate type of help that you need.  You can even get feedback on your store from other users.

The company also operates an official blog on the site that's worth checking out too.  There, you will find an assortment of helpful articles and guides to help your selling venture get off on the right track.  Viewing the videos will also help out a lot too, as will reading some of the success stories shared by other people just like you.

Tons of Themes Are Available

Shopify helps you establish your online store in a matter of minutes.  You won't have just anything up however.  There are tons of themes available for you to use to make sure your visitors are aesthetically pleased.  These themes are also mobile-optimized, so your website will look good no matter what type of computer or device your visitors decide to use.


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