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Throughout the year, people from all around the world tend to purchase lots of products, including new and used ones. This is why, online markets selling such items have recently grown quite a lot in popularity. After all, why should you pay a lot more for new products when you can buy used ones in an excellent condition, at much lower, bargained prices?

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About Glyde

Glyde represents an interesting online marketplace, which is popular for combining many of the great deals often found in person-to-person markets, with the famous ease of retail stores. What makes it special is the fact that a lot of work has been put in by the team in order to make sure that the buying experience is as simple as possible. With this in mind, by searching through the vast catalogue of products, you’ll surely be able to find most of the things that you might be looking for. Together with this, in case you might be looking for ways to earn some extra money, do keep in mind the fact that the marketplace is also open to those who wish to sell their products. In fact, chances are that you have hundreds of dollars-worth of products that you no longer need throughout your house that someone else could use for a better purpose. Based on this, Glyde makes it easy to turn stuff that you no longer need into easy money.


By testing the site you, you will quickly notice that it takes several seconds to list an item for sale. Together with this, users will also find it extremely easy to send out their sold items, over to the pre-addressed and pre-stamped shipping kits that are courtesy of Glyde.

What types of items can I find here?

Apart from illegal products, you should be able to find just about anything on Glyde, including electronics, furniture, kitchen products, clothes and much more.

What is the shipping process like?

In terms of shipping, there are two important ideas to keep in mind. Firstly, when you purchase something from the store, you can expect to have the products sent over to you via standard shipping, which tends to take a couple of days. In case you are in a hurry, you can also ask the person that you’re buying the items from to use a quicker shipping method, which will be available at an extra rate.

When it comes down to shipping out items that you would like to sell, you have the possibility to use standard shipping with ease, once Glyde sends out the packages through the United States postal service. The store uses first class and priority shipping, depending on your location and the weight of the products. Do keep in mind the fact that items cannot be sent outside the contiguous United States.

What is the payment process like?

Just like most other online marketplaces, Glyde accepts most major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. However, to be eligible to use the site, it’s essential to note that cards must be issued by banks in the United States, or connected to U.S. addresses. Otherwise, buying items from the online store is not possible. Do keep in mind the fact that Glyde promotion codes are also available, most of which will help you save a good sum of money. Lots of Glyde coupons can be found directly on Coupofy. 

If I am not satisfied with a product, would I be able to return it?

Yes. Glyde is aware of the fact that sometimes, products that you buy, may not be what you initially expected. This is why, in case your item is not as it has bene initially described, or is broken, you will be able to return it within 3 days of the delivery date. To initiate the return process, you will have to let the marketplace know about your issue. Doing so is easy, as you have the possibility to use three different contact methods, these being the email you received from Glyde when ordering your product, via your account settings, or via mail at [email protected]. In case you might encounter any other issues, the same principle applies. Simply contact the marketplace’s customer support team, and they’ll do everything that’s possible to make sure that you have a positive experience from all the points of view. 


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