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Chasing Fireflies is a popular online store which prides itself as being one of the biggest child stores in the world, with thousands of customers on a weekly basis. Based on the company funder's perspective, the store was created with the purpose of celebrating childhood and parenthood. The idea behind it is to recall all the great times that people have as a child, including the first time to ride a bike, swim across the pool and chase fireflies, hence the name. Doing so can be easily achieved by providing your child with the necessary gear to try out a variety of new things, and learn more. The store also prides itself for having selected the best children's products, which can bring in both happiness and surprise.

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About Chasing Fireflies

During its years of service, the online store has had its ups and downs, but at this moment in time, it continues to be a great provider of children's products of all kinds, thus scoring a nice profit. With excellent service, a wide variety of great products, Chasing Fireflies is appreciated throughout the United States. This is of course with good reason, thanks to their large catalogue of products as well, created with the help of some of the industry's best providers.

Chasing Fireflies

So, what exactly do they sell?

This represents a broad question considering the fact that the store sells just about any products that kids can use. With this in mind, by browsing their online store for only a bit, you will be able to find clothes for babies, boys and girls, such as tops, bottoms, special occasion clothing, outerwear, shoes, accessories, personalized gifts, swimwear, costumes, toys and more. What makes Chasing Fireflies truly special is the fact that most of the products which are currently being sold are available at good prices. In fact, the store also strives to offer a couple of discount promotions, which you can take advantage of in order to save some bucks.

How can I pay?

If you've reached this point, chances are that you're interested in buying something. If this is the case, you should know that the merchant accepts most major payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express debit/credit cards.

The Chasing Fireflies promotions are also a good way of saving money, considering the fact that these are offered quite often by the store. By taking a look over on Coupofy, you’ll find a good amount of Chasing Fireflies coupons, meant to save you money.

Let's hear their shipping policy!

In case one or more of the products displayed on the site have caught your eyes, you might want to know more about the currently available shipping options. With this in mind, there are a total of 4 options that users can choose from, these being: standard shipping, which usually takes a total of 7 business days, 3-day shipping, 2-day shipping and overnight shipping, which is perfect, especially in case you happen to be in a hurry to have the products sent over as soon as possible.

What if I'm not happy with my delivery?

No problem at all. While the store does mention that they've taken great care in selecting the perfect products for your children, which will hopefully bring in surprise, delight and charm, in case you aren't fully happy with an item that you have bought, you'll be able to return it within 60 days of the original purchase date. Once this happens, you can choose if you would like to receive a refund, which consists of the full cost of the item with no questions asked, or an exchange, with another similar item.

In case you encounter any trouble or have any questions, then simply go ahead and contact the customer support team which will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer to your question.


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