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Title Nine represents a popular swimwear and athletic wear company that has recently managed to earn quite a lot of momentum thanks to their excellent customer service, good prices and wide variety of products being offered for sale. The company started out around 20 years ago, on a budget and with time, they have managed to win quite a lot of popularity. Perhaps their main benefit in time is the fact that they sought trustworthy providers for the products, and managed to get sustainable growth with the help of their revenues. At this moment in time, the company fortunately does not have any outside investors, and they have a principle, which is to avoid bankers at all times. The idea behind the company is that investors can often grant companies a fast growth, but at times, it can be at a wasteful and unsustainable rate, which isn't something that most major companies want.


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About Title Nine

In terms of their online platform, the site can be considered intuitive, as customers can easily search through a wide product catalogue, select the products that they wish to purchase and then proceed with the order. 

Title Nine

What do they sell?

At this moment in time, there are a couple of different product categories being sold by the site. These include sport bras, athletic swimwear, and active wear meant for sports. The company is also known as a sports bra expert, which means that regardless of your size, and personal conditions, they will be able to gear you up well, to ensure optimum fitness performance. There are also a couple of accessories being sold, most of which are available at good prices, and can encourage better results when it comes down to practicing sports. Thanks to this, just about everyone should be able to afford buying sport bras and fitness wear from this online store.

How can I pay for the products that I want?

In case one or more of the products available on the site have caught your eyes, you should be aware of the fact that the ordering process through their platform is quite simple. In terms of their currently accepted payment methods, it's worth keeping in mind the fact that most major credit and debit cards are accepted, including Visa, American Express and Master Card.

In terms of the Title Nine coupons, you can find lots of them, right here, on Coupofy. Based on this, the Title Nine promotions will surely grant you discounts, which can be felt by anyone who happens to be on a budget.

How will the products be delivered?

In terms of their currently available delivery policy, the store offers not three, but 6 total delivery options, each meant to suit your needs. With this in mind, standard delivery takes 7 -10 days and is available for orders of above $75. There are two more standard delivery options, each with a different price, depending on the total amount of your order. Other than this, the store also offers a Lickety Split 3-5 day delivery service, alongside with the Express service that offers two business days delivery. Let's keep in mind the fact that the store also offers the Zap delivery service, which ensures order shipping during the next business day.

What happens if I am not satisfied with a product that I have ordered?

Just like many other online stores, this one also has a return policy, which states that their main concern when you purchase something from the store is customer satisfaction. Based on this, if you are not satisfied with any product that you have purchased, you will be able to send it back within one year of the original purchase date. They also have a no questions asked policy that people can take advantage of. Other than this, customers can choose to obtain either an exchange, or a full refund for their order.

In case you might happen to have any questions, simply contact the customer support team which will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer to your inquiries.


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