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<p style=">The PlayStation store is the official online web store of Sony's PlayStation games console brand - the latest of these is the PlayStation 4. The online only market operates under the Sony subsidiary " sony="" computer="" entertainment"="" their="" gaming="" division,="" which="" has="" offices="" in="" europe,="" japan,="" the="" us,="" and="" employs="" over="" 8,000="" people.

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About PlayStation Store

The PlayStation store can be easily accessed from the PlayStation 3 and 4 itself, but you can also browse to by using any internet connected device. Here you can buy games, movies, and other entertainment content. You can make savings on all of these purchases by using special PlayStation discount codes. Here at Coupofy we update our list of these whenever new offers and deals become available, so be sure to check back every time you plan to order something.

PlayStation Store

The online store was originally launched back in 2006 along with the PlayStation 3 console. It pioneered the digital download platform, allowing users to download demos, extra content and full games, instead of buying them on disc. All subsequent Sony gaming devices have been given access to the store. In order to buy anything however you must also register with the PlayStation Network (PSN) which keeps track of your devices and order history. 

In 2013 the platform was opened up to anyone with an internet connected device so long as they still had a PSN account. This allows you to buy and queue content when away from your game device for download when you load it back up. 

Currently the PlayStation Store is available in over 60 countries across the world, each offering their own regionalized version. Andrew House leads the company in his position as President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment. 

PlayStation Store Sells

The PlayStation Store functions like most typical online stores in terms of categories, basket and checkout, however its range is entirely digital, meaning anything you buy must be digitally downloaded to your Sony device rather than being shipped to you on disc. Consoles, game discs and hardware are bought outside of the store through other Sony stores and third party retailers.

Devices catered to include the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, Sony Tablet, Sony Smart Phones, Sony TV, and PC.

The main Categories are Games, Movies, TV, and Music. The Games section allows you to choose from all the above platforms and all genres (Shooter, Action & Adventure etc) from the latest releases to old classics. You can also pre-order games that are to be released soon. As well as full games you can purchase downloable content or download free demos.

The Movies and TV sections allow you to Buy and Rent Sony owned content in HD or standard definition for a one off fee. They also have deals with some third party content producers like HBO. For TV you can buy single episodes or purchase a season pass which gives you a discount.

If you wish to buy Sony music you will be taken to the Spotify app.

You can also buy a subscription to the PlayStation Plus service, which allows you to get access to exclusive downloadable content, free games, discounted games and more. You can make even more savings be redeeming one of PlayStation Store discount codes during checkout.

The store is very easy to navigate, you can use the categories and subcategories or use the search bar if you have something specific in mind. Category pages can be further sorted by price range, platform, popularity, release date, and many other parameters. 

Because of different gaming and movie regions there are 4 distinct versions of the PlayStation Store depending on where you are located. These are Asia, Europe (which includes the Middle East and Oceania), Japan, and North America (which includes Latin America). The selection of content on these is different, for example in Japan the Resident Evil games are called Biohazard, will be in the Japanese language, and may have slightly different content due to age ratings and content regulations. While there are ways to access the different stores, this is not permitted by Sony.

Payment Methods

The PlayStation Store operates a universal wallet system that the user must top up, rather than accepting payment directly from a common payment method. Depending on your country you can add funds to your wallet in numerous ways, though the most popular is to simply use a debit or credit card. 

Many retail outlets also sell prepaid PlayStation Cards that are loaded with funds that you can then redeem with the code from the back during checkout. 

Some regions also allow you to top up using your mobile phone, which will be charged to your monthly phone bill.

If you wish to redeem a PlayStation Store discount code all you have to do is enter it in to the promo box during checkout, which you should see ahead of the payment step. If valid and entered correctly you should see the offer applied and/or you total order price drop.

Shipping Options

The PlayStation Store is a digital only platform and does not sell any physical discs or hardware. This means you must own one of their compatible devices and have a working internet connection to download any games or content you purchase. You must also sign up for a PlayStation Network account to gain access. Any content you purchase will be permanently saved  (unless it is a rental) so you can re-download it at any time, for example if you upgrade consoles or get a new hard drive.

 Return Policy

As a rule due to the nature of digital downloads Sony do not offer refunds, however customer support will treat a refund request on a case by base basis and may offer a refund under exceptional circumstances, such as somebody buying content without your knowledge.

You are more likely to be granted a refund if you have not played or watched the content.

All refunds will be made to your wallet, rather than the payment method used to top up.

Obviously if you used a PlayStation Store discount code you will only be refunded the actual amount charged.


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