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Originally the company sold surplus or overstocked items as well as returned merchandise. This allowed them to sell products that were technically brand new but at below regular prices. In 2002 the company went public and has since grown to a yearly revenue of over $1 billion.

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About Overstock

Products available include electronics, clothing, and many other everyday home items. Discounts can be made on these purchases by redeeming an Overstock coupon code or Overstock promo code.

As well as overstocked merchandise they now have products manufactured exclusively for them in order to meet demand, and they also handle inventory supply for other retailers as another revenue source. As well as direct retail sales, Overstock also offered online auctions for a time, though this has since been discontinued.


In 2010 Overstock was voted the number 2 company in the US for customer service, by the National Retail Federation. In December that year Forbes also found Overstock to be one of the 10 best companies for employee satisfaction.

Patrick Byrne currently serves as CEO, and the company has over 1,500 permanent employees.

Overstock Sells

Overstock.com has a massive inventory of products that are constantly changing. This commonly includes desktops computers and laptops, printers and scanners, cameras and cell phones, office supply items like desks, lights, furniture, rugs, cabinets, and storage items. Car, motorcycle, and boat accessories, generators, cleaning supplies for all purposes, tools and software, and manuals and guides.

You can also find jewelry for men and women, health and beauty products from shampoos to fingernail polish, all common electronics, and home decor improvement products. Whether you have a business or home, you'll find something you need at Overstock.com.  

Overstock is associated with Worldstock.  It's a marketplace in which consumers can find very unique items made by people located all over the world. 

Overstock also operates a farmer's market that enables consumers to get fresh items delivered to their homes.  The items ordered are from local farmers, so buying at the market is a great way to help the local economy.

They have even expanded into offering cars.  Not only do they offer listings for new and used cars, but there is a clearance lot as well.  Consumers can even find offerings for financing and insurance.

Another good service offered on the overstock website is pet listings.  This enables people to find pets to adopt.  They have listings for many different varieties including cats, dogs, birds, horses, reptiles, and more.

Our list of Overstock coupons can be applied during the checkout process to make savings and redeem other deals and offers. 10% off overstock coupons are particularly popular.

Payment Methods

Overstock.com accepts all major credit cards. They even have their own “O Club” credit card that can be used for discount purchases. You can also use gift cards and the Overstock store credit card.

Shipping Options

Overstock.com offers several shipping solutions, including free US standard shipping on all orders valued over $50 (only within the 48 lower states). Orders for under $50 ship for $2.95.

Ground shipping is the standard method and is handled by the major mail carriers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Larger items may require different shipping options.

All other shipping questions can be found in an extensive FAQ on their website including shipping for Alaska and Hawaii, Expedited Shipping, and overseas.

In order to have a smooth experience when ordering from overseas you can select your country from the flag icon at the top of the page. This will display the appropriate shipping options during checkout.

From time to time they will also run free shipping offers, which can be found alongside our other Overstock coupons. Just look for Overstock free shipping coupons.

Return Policy

Overstock.com's standard return policy covers most new and unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

Overstock must receive the returned items at their processing facility within 45 days of delivery. After inspection, Overstock will determine whether the items qualify for a full or partial refund.

If left longer than 30 days, Overstock may still issue a partial refund if it meets all of the other requirements.

Any item that is shipped to you in error or arrives defective will qualify for an exchange or full refund, with all shipping costs reimbursed as well.


Why Shop at Overstock?

If you're tired of paying the full price for items when you go shopping and you're seeking a greater selection of items to choose from, Overstock can be a welcome alternative to your traditional shopping methods. Undeniably, many of the most popular stores inflate the prices of the products that they sell so that they can retain the most profit from your purchase. While this works great for them, it is not always the most cost efficient option for customers. When you shop at Overstock, you have the assurance of knowing that you're paying reasonable, low prices for quality products.

Overstock can be particularly helpful if you live in an area where there's not a lot of selection or if you can't seem to find a specific item that you are searching for. In case of lack of selection, shopping online is always a great way to increase your chances of finding what you want. You'll find that there are thousands and thousands of items to choose from on Overstock and all of them are at affordable prices.  Even some of the most popular products have been reduced reasonably to make them more affordable. In the case where you simply can't find a specific item in your area because it seems to alwayas be out of stock at local stores, you might find that you have a much better chance of finding it at Overstock and for a far more discounted price than you have expected.

Some people like shopping at Overstock because they can purchase everything they need for their entire family there. It doesn't matter if they're shopping for kids products, clothing, pet products, electronics, or anything else. It's always possible to find something that everyone will enjoy when you shop online with Overstock. You can also find many unique international items that you might not be able to find elsewhere on other websites or in local stores. And larger items? Shopping for heavier and larger items on Overstock becomes all the more convenient because you can have everything delivered to your home without any hassle.

How to Make Informed Purchases on Overstock

Perhaps you're interested in making a certain purchase for your household but you don't know how to make the best selection. Outside from the credible Overstock deals and promotions that are available, there are also a number of shopping guides that are listed on the website. Regardless of if you're shopping for clothing or even shopping for various items for your home, Overstock has many shopping guides that can help you make an informed decision before you make your purchase. In example, you can choose from guides such as "Best Table Lamp for Your Bedroom", "How to Create a Spa Bathroom at Home", or even "Mudroom Storage and Decor Ideas".

All of the shopping guides listed on the site are categorized into different sections such as pets, weddings, gardens, etc. Many of these categories have their own sub-categories that you can refer to in order to help narrow down your search for your specific topic. You may find that these guides are particularly useful when you are shopping for electronics or regarding items that you are curious about, but do not have any previous familiarity with. If you are shopping during a sale, it's a great idea to have a few shopping guides open so that you can achieve the desired results for much cheaper than what it would usually cost.

Following these guides, you can gain more insight into the type of items that you need for your intended goal. Looking at examples can show you some possible options that you can model your purchases after. If you are trying to make a presentation in a certain room or you are trying to coordinate certain types of decor, using the shopping guide can help you to figure out the best options that will work within your home. If you're not able to find the items that you are looking for while shopping, you may want to consider contacting customer support to see if they can provide you with any similar suggestions to try out.

Holiday Return Policy

Unlike most stores, Overstock offers a separate return policy that is unique to holiday seasons such as Christmas. If you thought you had found the perfect present for someone but then it arrived and something wasn't right, Overstock will provide you with the chance to get a refund. Generally, items that are purchased from the period of the beginning of November to the end of December will be eligible. You will start the return process within 30 days of delivery and all returns must be received by the warehouse within 15 days of starting your return.

Like the regular return policy, the items that you are returning must be in their original condition to be eligible for a full refund. If the returned item is opened, used, or returned late, then you will only receive a partial refund. Outside of these special terms for the holiday, the terms of Overstock's general return policy will still apply.

Saving Money When Shopping at Overstock

Overstock features many of the most popular products at more affordable prices. When you shop at Overstock you never have to pay full price for your purchase as long as you take advantage of any Overstock deals available at the time. Those who are new to shopping at this store may find it challenging to stay updated on the latest Overstock coupon offers and may not know where to get access to these offers on a regular basis. Keeping the following tips in mind will help you to save significantly during your shopping experience.

The first recommendation is to sign up for Overstock's email list. This email list will ensure you are informed about promotions, sales, deals, and various discounts. You will be provided with your first Overstock discount code upon signing up for the email list for the first time. You can then expect to receive emails on a regular basis whenever a promotion or sale becomes available. Overstock tends to have sales on a frequent basis compared to other stores, so you can expect to receive emails at least every week or so.

Individuals that enjoy using social media may want to follow Overstock on the platform of their choice. Overstock is available on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus and Instagram. Following the company on social media is an ideal way to receive updates in real time, which is great if you love to shop. Generally, when you follow on social media, there's a higher chance that you will be able to find an exclusive Overstock promo code that has not been sent out in email or other methods of communication yet.

It's important not to forget that Overstock has a lot of different services that it provides through its main site. So if you are interested in buying insurance, international goods or even a farmer's market, you'll want to check out these areas as well. Using Overstock for these services instead of your traditional venues may help you to save more money in the long run since you can expect to encounter Overstock's typical low prices and discounts on a regular basis. This is also particularly helpful if you need certain services but are dealing with a budget. 

How to Redeem a Overstock Promo Code

Are you ready to start shopping? If so, find the items that you want to purchase on Overstock's site and then put them in your shopping cart. When you have found everything that you want, you can then proceed to the checkout page. The checkout page will prompt you for information about where you are going to ship your items and how you will make the payment. There will also be an area where you can input your Overstock coupon. Type or paste the code into the area and then click apply to receive the discount.

When the discount works, you'll notice that it is applied to your final total. This application will happen immediately when you click apply. If there's an error message or you don't see a discount applied, you might want to check the Overstock discount code to ensure that it has been written correctly on the page. You can always try to retype it and then apply it again. If this doesn't work, you may need to use a different Overstock coupon to receive a discount.

If you're using a promotion that will provide you with an extra discount, you may find that it is automatically applied to your total before you add any coupons. This will usually be indicated in your shopping cart during the checkout process. These types of discounts may not need you to input another code in order to receive the discount.

Why Didn't My Overstock Coupon Work?

Shopping online is not without its issues sometimes. You might experience problems with redeeming your Overstock promo code when you are checking out. This is usually because the coupon that you are trying to use has expired. Instead of using random coupons that you have found online, you should only use the most recent Overstock coupon code 2020 offers that have been sent to you directly. In doing so, you will ensure that you are not using an expired code.

If you are using a promotion that provides you with an extra discount automatically, you may need to refer to the terms for that promotion. Sometimes promotions do not allow you to use other discount codes for an additional deal. If you are receiving an error, it may tell you that you can't combine these offers. This also demonstrates the issue of coupon terms and conditions, since they always vary.  Sometimes when you are redeeming a coupon it won't work because the terms are not met. You might need to have a specific item in your cart or purchase an item from a specific brand in order to unlock that discount. Reading the terms of the coupon will help you to understand how to use it.

Usually when your Overstock promo code isn't working correctly, you will receive an error message that explains what's wrong. This doesn't always happen, though, and sometimes you might not know why the coupon isn't working at all. If you don't think its for any of the reasons mentioned here and you believe that this coupon is still active, you may want to contact Overstock's customer support. They may be able to figure out what's wrong with your Overstock discount code or provide you with a new code that you can use for a discount instead.

Club O Rewards

If you are interested in signing up for a rewards program, Club O Rewards may be the ideal option for you. Overstock provides its customers with rewards for each of their purchases through the Club O Rewards program. As a member, you will receive free shipping on all orders, 5% rewards dollars on every purchase, extra rewards up to 40% and 5% dining rewards. If you upgrade to Gold tier for $19.95 a year, you will also receive exclusive email deals that are not provided to Overstock's regular email list and early access to Overstock's sales. It is also possible to get Club O Gold Membership for free. If you are a first responder, teacher, student, active military, veteran, or you have a Club O Rewards MasterCard, you can receive your Gold tier membership for entirely free.

Club O Rewards MasterCard

Signing up for an Overstock credit card can be another way that you can redeem savings in the long run. Of course, whether this is right for you will depend on your financial situation. The Club O Rewards MasterCard provides a reasonable amount of savings and benefits that can be used if you like to shop at Overstock frequently. Since it is a MasterCard, it can also be used for purchases outside of Overstock.

When you first apply for this card, you will be provided with a $40 statement credit after the first use of the card for a purchase. It will provide you with up to 8% in Club O Dollars, which is acquired by earning 5% for the Club O Rewards Program itself and then an extra 3% for using the Club O Rewards Mastercard. You will also earn 2% in Club O Dollars on gas and grocery purchases and 1% when you use your card anywhere outside of Overstock. Signing up for the card will provide you with Club O Membership for free, which will entitle you to extra rewards of up to 40%. You'll also have access to free shipping for as long as you are a Club O Rewards member.

It is important to understand that the Club O Rewards MasterCard may not be the ideal choice for everyone. Since this is a credit card, you must consider your own financial situation and any responsibilities that you may have. If you are able to use the credit responsibly and pay off your balances on a regular basis, using this card may be a good option for achieving some extra savings and increasing your buying power.

Overstock's Dedicated Coupon Sections

It's normal to get confused about what discounts and promotions are available, especially when there are multiple coupons that may be active at any given time. If this is something that always seems to happen to you, you may appreciate Overstock's dedicated coupon sections. The first section is specifically available to provide you with information about current coupon deals. Visiting this page will show you all of the current coupons with buttons for you to "activate" those coupons for your purchases.

Below this area is a portion called 'more ways to save' which will provide you with additional details about ways you can save money while shopping at Overstock such as credit cards, liquidation deals, and flash deals. It's a good idea to check this portion of the site on a regular basis because the flash deals and liquidation deals are not always posted in noticeable areas of the site. Flash deals are posted on a daily basis at 12 PM Eastern Time, so if you don't find something you like the first time you browse, you might find something more enticing tomorrow.

The next useful coupon-related page that Overstock provides is a page on promotional terms. Overstock provides you with promotional terms to make your shopping experience as hassle-free as possible. Since many people don't always read the terms that are provided via email, listing them in a summarized version on the site for any active coupons can make it easier to understand when coupons expire and what terms need to be met for the coupon to be redeemed.

The promotional terms page provides you with all of the information you need to know about the coupons and discounts that are available at that time. It includes the day the promotion expires, how you can identify items that are part of the promotion, what types of orders the promotion applies to, and how to find certain promotional offers that are on the site. If you are ever confused about how a coupon may work or how long of a period you have to redeem that offer, you can find the information in this section of Overstock's site.

Gift Options

There are various reasons why you may want to give a gift to someone throughout the year. Whether it's a birthday, holiday or another milestone, giving gifts is a way to show someone that you thought of them and that you appreciate them. While there are many circumstances where you might know exactly what you want to purchase for someone as a present, there are also times when you may be completely unaware of what may be the best choice. Thankfully, Overstock has a gift center listed on its site which can be very helpful when you are trying to make a decision about what to purchase.

To help you out, Overstock provides Top 10 lists of various gifts that may be suitable for someone based on their personality or their interests. These gift lists include some of the most popular items that are commonly requested. Any gift that you purchase on Overstock can be gift wrapped and include a gift message as well. Therefore, even if you're not in the same location as your gift recipient, it's always easy to personalize it and create a memorable gift that they are certain to cherish.

What if you still can't find anything that the individual would like? What if you feel unsure about potential ideas? You may want to consider giving gift cards instead. Overstock offers the opportunity to give gift cards via email or to present them to someone personally by printing them out. You can also order physical gift cards, which will ship for free within one business day in a gift envelope. The amount of funds that you can put on the cards varies but includes totals of $10, $15, $20, $25, $45, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $250, $500, and $1000. If you decide to send a gift card via email, you can also choose for Overstock to notify you when the gift card has been received and opened. Please note that Overstock gift cards are not refundable.

Overstock gift cards do not have an expiration attached to them. This means that you can purchase gift cards for your loved ones ahead of time without worrying about whether you need to gift them within a specific period of time. It also means that if the recipient doesn't feel like shopping immediately or if they don't check their email on a frequent basis, there's no risk of losing any of the value on the Overstock gift card. This can be particularly useful if you are gifting cards with higher monetary values since it means there's no need to worry about the gifting amount being lost due to expiration.


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