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Modern day innovation and technology keeps making life much easier for mankind, the issue has become people have become lazier, gained excessive weight, and really are not healthy. One technology company looks to change all that while keeping things technologically trendy. The company Fitbit, known for its Fitbit branded products are designed to measure data such as steps taken/climbed, sleep quality, and other metrics. The company has become an ideal solution for those looking to get an idea of their personal fitness and a tool to aid in increasing good health.  In the remainder of this article we will look at the company in more detail and discuss their recent partnership with Coupofy for Fitbit Coupon Codes.


FitBit History

Fitbit is a relatively new company having made its presence less than ten years ago in October 2007. The company started as a brain child James Park and Eric Friedman after they realized how far wireless technology had advanced. No longer was wireless used by big business rather, it was a growing industry with potential to mass produce at affordable rates. James and Eric saw that the health and fitness niches were not even being looked at by wireless technology and set out from there to create a worthwhile product that could bring out the best health in people while looking technologically savvy. The company did rounds of investment and looking for a supplier for the rest of 2007 and 2008. Fitbit would finally launch through its website in 2009 shipping 5,000 preorders with 20,000 more coming in the future months. The initial success in sales and positivity from Fitbit reviews would garner more venture capitalist support and soon see Best Buy would begin stocking the product on its shelves. Fitbit would use the profits it made from the initial Fitbit to begin working on feature updates for the Fitbits on the market and new Fitbit products for later release. With all the success from the young company, Fitbit would go on to become a publicly traded company in June of 2015. The initial IPO offering would value Fitbit at a staggering 4.1 Billion Dollars USD.‚Äč

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About FitBit

FitBit Sells

Fitbit has products for everyone regardless of how active your lifestyle is. For everyday fitness Fitbit has designed 4 products. The Fitbit Zero, Fitbit One, Fitbit Flex, and Fitbit Charge. The Fitbit Zero is the least advanced, it is designed to clip on to a person’s clothing and will track steps and calories burned, and it is really geared towards those wanting to get a sense where their fitness is at. The Fitbit Charge is the most advanced for the everyday Fitbits, the Charge is does everything that the Fitbit Zero does but adds an OLED Display, Sleep tracking and alarms, and caller ID when synced to the owner’s phone. The Fitbit Charge is also a stylish wristband. 
For more active lifestyles Fitbit has an upgrade on the Fitbit Charge called the Fitbit Charge HR. The Charge HR has the same functionality as the Fitbit Charge but also adds a built in heart rate monitor that is constantly tracking the person wearing the device is heartrate.

For performance athletes who need the most technologically advanced metrics, Fitbit has designed the Fitbit Surge. The Charge is a wearable band like the Charge Series but has some major upgrades. The Fitbit Surge comes with a larger OLED Display that displays GPS Tracking information during runs, records multisport workout logs, displays text messages from a synced smartphone, and even lets the user control music. The Fitbit Surge also has all the features found on the Fitbit Charge HR. 
Fitbit also helps users track their weight with the Fitbit Aria, the Aria is the first smart scale that will help the user understand fluctuations and changes in weight better. The Fitbit Aria tracks weight, body mass index, lean mass, and fat percentages. This information can be synced to smartphones and computers and will be displayed as charts and graphs. 

Fitbit also sells clothing and accessories in the form of broches, pendants, and bracelets to make Fitbit products look more like traditional jewelry.

Shipping Options

To purchase a Fitbit product directly from the company, customers will need to have access to a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, of Discover credit card. Alternatively customers can pay with debit, but the debit must be branded with one of the accepted credit cards. For instance a Visa Debit Card issued by your bank would be sufficient. 

FitBit will cover all shipping charges when customers spend more than $50 at the Fitbit online store, shipping prices very if less than $50 is spent and is based off the location of the customer.

Return Policy

Fitbit strives to ensure that customers are satisfied with their Fitbit products. Customers can buy and test out products for up to 45 days. If at any time a customer finds they do not like their Fitbit product they can return it. Returns must be in the original box, and in pristine condition with all packaging included. 
Fitbit also strives to make sure that products are met with the highest of standards. If at any time during the first year the Fitbit stops working, Fitbit will fix it under the companies’ warranty.


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