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Sonic Electronix is an American electronics company that specializes in selling retail audio/sound equipment and installations. They’re key area is car.

Nathaniel J. Victor founded Sonic Electronix in 2000, and still serves as CEO and Chairman. The company is based in Chatsworth, California, USA, and it has numerous warehouses in California and Kentucky.

The have seen rapid growth since 2005 with figures of sales rising 95% +. They ship over 2000 orders per day from their state of the art distribution centers, which allows them to dispatch most orders within the same day.

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About Sonic Electronix

Sonic Electronix Sells

Sonic Electronix sells a very extensive variety of consumer electronics and car audio. Some of the brands they carry include Kicker, Kenwood, NXV, Sony, JVC, Infinity, JBL, JL Audio, Hifonics, Sennheiser, Pioneer, RE Audio, Beats by Dre and Audio Technica.

Among those brands Sonic Electronix sells items such as, car stereos and receivers, car video and GPS, car subwoofers, car speakers, car audio packages, car amplifiers, vehicle specific products, car security, remote start systems, keyless entry, reverse cameras, interior accessories, automotive lighting, alternators and horns, marine audio, motorcycle audio, atv audio, UTV & SSV audio.

Sonic Electronix

They also sell personal audio equipment like, headphones, radios and loud speakers, Bluetooth audio, two way radios, chargers for almost anything as well as home theatre speaker systems, home stereos and radio. They also offer pro audio solutions for professional recording artists and live entertainment. Amazingly, and probably the most important item that Sonic Electronix sells is contained within their Karaoke category.

Unsurprisingly, the Karaoke segment of their site is constantly crashing due to overwhelming site traffic from Korean and Japanese K-Pop enthusiasts from around the world.

Payment Methods

From the United States you can pay Sonic Electronix via Credit Card’s including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Also, you can pay with PayPal and Check/money orders. Canadian customers have the luxury of paying with the above methods as well as wire transfers on orders of over $600, plus and additional $25 wire transfer fee. International customers can pay via credit card, money order, wire transfer and PayPal from a large number of countries. Orders are shipped when the payments have cleared.

Shipping Options

Sonic Electronix offers fast shipping at very reasonable prices. The shipping fee for each order is based on the weight, the destination, and the shipping chosen. Sonic Electronix ships items from their Louisville, Kentucky location. Sometimes, orders will be shipped directly by the manufacturer or distributor so that the item will arrive at your door faster.

Standard shipping takes between 2-7 business days, three-day shipping takes around 2-4 business days, two day shipping takes 2-3 business days, one day shipping takes 1-2 business days, USPS Priority takes 2-5 business days, USPS Parcel takes 5-11 business days and flat rate shipping takes around 8-11 business days.

These shipping times are for the continental 48 states and they use UPS and USPS to ship orders. Although regional carriers such as ONTRAC may be used for west coast states. Sonic Electronix also ships to Canadian and International customers. They also offer order tracking.

Return Policy

Sonic Electronix has an amazing returns policy, offering a complete 60 day money back guarantee. However the product needs to be in a like new condition, there are no restocking fees and also free return shipping via a printed label that is sent by Sonic Electronix. In addition to the 60-day money back guarantee the company offers 365 day coverage for faulty and defected items. Unlike other retailers Sonic Electronix does not tell you to contact the manufacturer, they will accept your return and deal with the manufacturer.


If you’re looking to purchase the top in electronics for your car, motorcycle, ATV, boat or even your home, Sonic Electronix is the place to go. Dedicated to providing the public with the best options in audio electronics, Sonic Electronix has become the leading choice for premium quality options at a reasonable price. To further make these deals all the more enticing, you can use a Sonic Electronix coupon for additional discounts when you shop.

Looking for the best Sonic Electronix deals? Whether you’re a loyal customer or a potentially new customer, everyone likes to benefit from discounts and bargains. If you’re not sure where to begin looking, Coupofy can provide you with the latest information and help you to find the savings you need, whether it’s a Sonic Electronix discount code or even a Sonic Electronix free shipping code.

How to Get the Best Sonic Electronix Deals

Being a savvy shopper is key to any experience when you’re looking to save money. The same concept certainly applies when you are shopping at Sonic Electronix. If you want to ensure that you’re going to get the best deals and discounts, you have to know where to look for them. It is highly recommended to sign up for the store’s email newsletter. This newsletter can provide you with the latest information regarding promotions, events, sales, and the most recent Sonic Electronix coupon available.

If you like to use social media, you might want to consider following Sonic Electronix there. Sonic Electronix has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and even YouTube. When you choose to follow the company on these platforms, it can provide you with instant access to any updates that may occur, which can often lead to finding a Sonic Electronix coupon that wasn’t posted elsewhere.

A very popular way to save money when shopping at Sonic Electronix is to check out the store’s ‘deals’ section which is located on the official website. This section features categories including gift guides, clearance items, coupons, price drops, refurbished and open box, ‘buy one, get one offers’, and bundles. All clearance items are ‘last chance’ items that you will most likely not see again or items that will not be in stock for a very long time. If you don’t mind purchasing items with slight aesthetic issues, you may want to check out the refurbished and open box category. This can provide you with some remarkable quality items for a highly discounted price.

If you’re ever in doubt about which Sonic Electronix coupon is the most recent or whether it’s even still accepted on the site, you’ll want to check out the coupon section. This section lists all of the current coupons that you can use at Sonic Electronix and provides information on whether they can be combined with other promotions. Even if you are subscribed to the email list and following on social media, this is a great section to check out because it will ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the possible discounts available, such as the Sonic Electronix free shipping code.

Professional Installation Services

While it may be easy ordering the audio electronics that you need, it can be challenging trying to install them on your own, especially if you’ve never handled an installation before. If you live near a Sonic Electronix location, the store has you covered, You can request a quote and schedule an appointment for someone on the Sonic Electronix team to handle the installation for you. This way, you know that your merchandise has been installed correctly and that you’ll only receive the best results when you use it.

Learn New Things While You Shop

If you’re interested in learning a little more about the features of certain types of products or the most efficient way to utilize some of your purchases, you’ll definitely want to check out the Sonic Electronix blog. The blog is updated with information about how to achieve certain results, make the most of features, and get your new audio electronics purchases to work more effectively with your other devices. Whether you’re new to this type of technology or you’re always open to learning something new, this is a good way to discover how to make the most out of your upcoming purchases.

Those who have plenty of time to read and are feeling more dedication regarding learning something new may want to check out the store’s knowledge bank, which is also available on Sonic Electronix official website. The knowledge bank is organized according to the type of electronics that you are curious to know more about, making it easy to find the information that you need when you need it the most.

If you are interested in upgrading your car speakers with potential options you’ve found on Sonic Electronix, the site also features a car speaker fit guide so that you will be able to make an informed decision. This section is organized by the make and model of your vehicle, so all you need to do is find the correct information for your vehicle to find out which speakers will provide the ideal fit.

Sometimes when you’re shopping, you may not know what items you need to purchase. It can be difficult figuring out which electronics have the best features or even trying to determine whether they will be compatible for your intended installation. If you have any questions, Sonic Electronix offers a dedicated expert advice line which you can call for more information. When you need a second opinion or you need extra guidance from a professional who knows what will work and what won’t, using the expert advice line can be a very helpful resource.

What About Warranties?

Almost all of the items sold at Sonic Electronix have a valid warranty which will either be used by the manufacturer or Sonic Electronix to provide you with assistance when necessary. You can find information about an items parts and labor warranty in the ‘features and specs’ tab on the item page when you are browsing the website. You can also receive a full written copy of the limited warranty that Sonic Electronix provides if you contact the company via mail.


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