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Macs cannot really be considered gaming computers, mostly due to the fact that they do not have the right parts to make them great when it comes down to gaming. However, there are a couple of games available at this moment in time, with great graphics and good story lines as well. The Mac Game Store commercializes these at a great price.

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Mac Game Store Sells

  •     ENDLESS REPLAYABILITY: Play as one of 43 traditional management and salary war by area, sea, and air, perform diplomacy & espionage, set up faith, and discover new technological innovation in your pursuit to make the most highly effective kingdom the globe has ever known.
  •     HUGE BATTLES: Conflicts between abilities distribute across area and sea. Varied bombardment difficulties you to make brilliant techniques to assurance success on the arena.
  •     DIPLOMACY: Settle with some of history’s most brilliant leaders, each with a well-crafted plan for success. City-states present a diplomatic arena on which the significant abilities around the globe will vie for supremacy.
  •     RELIGION: Develop Excellent Prophets and make a faith you can personalize and improve.
  •     ESPIONAGE: Deliver your agents into international places for monitoring, to grab innovative technological innovation from your opponents, or to intervene with city-state alliances.
  •     INTERNATIONAL TRADE: Make your places into locations of international business by area and sea, developing great prosperity and success for your people.

Mac Game Store

  •     MULTIPLAYER: Task other gamers to become leader around the globe.
  •     The Complete Version includes:
  •     Sid Meier’s Society V - Society and Situation Pack: Polynesia
  •     Sid Meier’s Society V: Gods & Kings - Society and Situation Pack: Korea
  •     Sid Meier’s Society V: Fearless New World - Amazing things of the Historical World Situation Pack
  •     Society Pack: Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar II) - Support of Society – Japan map
  •     Society and Situation Pack: Denmark – The Vikings - Support of Society – Mesopotamia map
  •     Dual Society and Situation Pack: Italy and Inca - Scrambled Major regions Map Pack
  •     Support of Society – Mediterranean sea map - Scrambled Countries Map Pack
  •     Support of Society – The nation's map - Cure of the New World Luxurious Scenario
  •     Explorer’s Map Pack

Payment Methods

To update your credit card or PayPal details:

  1. Click on "Account"
  2. Locate the Payment Setup section
  3. Click the "Edit" button
  4. Choose one of the three options for Credit Card, PayPal, or none
  5. Enter in any information for the given selection
  6. Click the "Save" button

Shipping Options

Most of the products that are purchased from this site are to be shipped digitally, as soon as the payment confirmation has been received. A receipt will also be sent over to your mail address. However, there are also certain circumstances, where edition games can be shipped to your home as well. In these cases, the store will decide which shipping method is most appropriate based on your location.

Return Policy

At this moment in time, games can be returned within 7 days of the original purchase date, for store credits that can then be used to purchase other games. Pre-ordered titles can be cancelled, and users will receive store credit in this case as well.


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