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If you're in the market for event tickets, then you'll definitely want to browse the offerings by ScoreBig. The company offers tickets for a wide range of activities such as concerts, sporting events, and theater productions. You can definitely save by using a ScoreBig promo code with your purchase.

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About ScoreBig

The company was founded by Joel Milne and Adam Kanner back in 2009. The two brought experience with them in the ticketing business, and also formed a team that had their own experience, including with one of their major competitors.


With innovative technology behind the company, they were able to raise over $8 million in funding to start the company. They originally focused on offering tickets to concerts, theater, and sporting events to members of the site in the beginning.

They expanded their product offering after a couple of years by partnering with TicketBiscuit. Most recently, they partnered with Ticketmaster in a deal that will seemingly benefit both companies despite the fact that they're competitors.

Save With ScoreBig Discount Codes

To make sure that you're really saving big with your ticket purchases, you'll ideally want to use a ScoreBig voucher. Currently, customers who spend more than $250 on tickets can save $50. Spending at least $150 will entitle you to get a discount between $10 and $20.

How the Process Works

Instead of going directly to a box office to purchase tickets, customers can visit ScoreBig to get them at a discounted rate. In order to purchase the tickets though, they will have to bid of them. Customers don't know exactly what location in the venue they're bidding on; the only information they're provided is a rating for the seat's location based on a star system.

Once the customer finds an event they're interested in attending, they'll have to make a bid on the tickets. They'll have the option to purchase them at their selected price if the bid is accepted. If the bid is immediately rejected, the customer won't have the option to bid again for 24 hours. Alternatively, they can purchase tickets at a buy now price if their bid was unsuccessful.

For those who do happen to bid successfully for tickets, there are a range of options to receive them. If you have time, then you can have them shipped to your home. Another option is to have them emailed to you, then you print them out. Finally, you can simply reserve the tickets and pick them up at will call.

The ScoreBig Catalog

Customers can shop for tickets for a wide range of events. The sports category allows you to purchase them for professional leagues such as the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and more. Concert tickets are also available, and you can sort based on the type of music you're interested in such as classical, hard rock, rap, pop, jazz, and country. Tickets to theater productions are also available for purchase including both Broadway and off-broadway events.

One of the best things about purchasing from the company is that you'll have plenty of delivery options available. Tickets can be shipped, emailed, or simply picked up from will call on the date of the event.

The ScoreBig Website

The official website is located at Visitors can check out the company's official blog for posts on a variety of topics. You could learn about the best snacks to try while visiting an NFL stadium. You'll also learn about the assortment of tickets that will soon be available for purchase in some of the posts.

Another way to stay engaged with the company is to join them on social media. You can find their profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Fans and followers will receive announcements about special deals so they could receive a ScoreBig promo code in the future.


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