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Scholastic is behind some of the most used educational and entertainment reading materials in the country and around the world. The educational materials in particular are highly sought after and can be found in book fairs in schools all over. If you want to purchase their products yourself, make sure that you use a Scholastic coupon code so that you can save money.

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Scholastic Information

Maurice Robinson founded Scholastic Publishing Company back in 1920 out of a small town in Pennsylvania. In its infancy, the company focused on products targeted towards children in the form of magazines and paperback books.


In the 1970s, the company started infiltrating schools through its book fairs. This gave parents the ability to purchase books for their children conveniently and usually with a great deal. They also publish dozens of classroom magazines and a range of learning programs.

Most recently, the company started producing educational technology. This technology has been used in schools around the country, particularly for students who are a little behind their grade level.

Since 1923, the company has sponsored the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. It is a particularly prestigious award for artists and students to win. To date, the company has provided well more than $25 million through the program in the form of scholarships and awards.

Secure Special Scholastic Deals

Customers have the option to purchase products through schools at book clubs, or they can simply visit the company's website to browse through their catalog and make a purchase. There are many different coupons available to help customers save. Those who purchase over $20 worth of books can save $5 on their order.

Harry Potter fans will especially like the current deal that offers 30% off a fully illustrated edition of one of the books in the series. They're really into partnering with schools, so look for a Scholastic coupon code for teachers also.

Another good way to get access to special deals is to join their newsletter from the website. After you join, you will start receiving periodic deals such as a Scholastic book club coupon code.

What They Sell

The company has a shop on its website where you can browse through all of their publications. Books can be sorted by grade that they're suitable for. You can also shop by format or category. In addition to physical books, customers can also purchase eBooks.

An assortment of toys and games are also available for sale by Scholastic. Different brands and character toys are available for your kid to enjoy. These include building sets, DVDs, games, puzzles, and arts & crafts. Toys can also be sorted by whether they're designed for boys or girls.

Education is a very important part of the company. Merchandise for students is available of course. However, they also have products designed for both teachers and parents to help their little ones progress along.

If you're looking to purchase a gift for someone else, then you'll have an easier time doing so thanks to the gift ideas on the website. You can sort these ideas based on the recipient's age ranging from birth to over 13 years old.

The Scholastic Website

The official website is located at Everything that they offer is conveniently categorized. Whether it's something for a teacher, parent, kid, administrator, or librarian, everything can be accessed by clicking on the main category.

Kids themselves will have fun while visiting the website too. This is thanks to the fact that they have an assortment of fun things for them to do. In addition to games, there are also stories and videos for them to watch. If you have a printer available, then they can also print things out.


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