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If your child is a fan of Legos, then he or she would undoubtedly enjoy a romp through Legoland. For those in the United States, there are parks in both Florida and California, with educational centers in various cities around the country too. You can use Legoland coupons to save on your trip to one of the parks.

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Company History

The company is comprised of a chain of theme parks targeting children and families. It's commonly thought that the chain is fully owned by the Lego Group, but this isn't the case. A British company specializing in theme parks by the name of Merlin Entertainments is actually the entity that owns the parks.


The parks, being designed mainly for younger children, feature a variety of roller coasters that are designed for them. The Miniland is one of the primary attractions featured in every one of the parks. The Miniland is a model village made from real Lego bricks constructed to look like famous scenes and landmarks from around the world.

Residents of the United States may be familiar with the Legoland locations in California and Florida. They also have international locations in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, and Malaysia. They also have intentions of opening up more locations in the future in Japan, Korea, Shanghai, and Dubai.

It's always a good idea to save whenever you can on Legoland tickets. You can purchase tickets at a 20% discount to the Florida location. There have also been deals in the past that offered full-day admission to one of the parks for just $40. Customers who purchased a Merlin annual pass can also receive a free gift card worth $50.

If you're interested in checking out their official website, then you'll need to visit They have separate official sites for all of the parks around the world. You can visit each one of these sites by following one of the links on the main website.
In addition to their amusement and water parks, the company also has a stable of Discover Centers all over. You can find local locations for these on the website as well. Make sure you also search for Legoland Discover Center coupons to use to save on your excursion.

Website visitors have the option to explore the assortment of resorts available on the website. You can even check out an interactive map of the park as well as complete listings of all the rides and attractions available including pictures of them.

There are other things to do besides get on rides and check out attractions at one of the parks. You can also check out some of the shopping and dining experiences that they offer.
If you're looking for a place to stay over the course of your visit, then you always have the option to stay in the Legoland Hotel. You can conveniently take a tour of the hotel right from the website in addition to checking out the amenities and different types of rooms that they have. If you've made your decision to stay, you can complete your reservation online.

You will obviously need Legoland tickets in order to get inside the park. Instead of waiting until you actually get there to purchase some, you can simply purchase them online. This will remove the hassle of standing in line. The website also provides details on VIP experiences and vacation packages that are available.

Legoland is about more than just fun. Education and learning are also important aspects of your visit. The activities available in the park offer educational topics while the kids are having fun.


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