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 Urban Outfitters is a clothing store that has been active in pop-culture since their introduction to the industry in 1970. Founded by Richard Hayne, Scott Belair and Gabriel Tham-Morrobel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Urban Outfitters has grown immensely within their target audience and can only expect to become larger. Often the brand is labeled hipster-chic and vintage, but in contrast appeals to a young audience of people within the ages of 18-28. As much of a discrepancy the products and buyers may have, Urban Outfitters has seen much success while continuously progressing their inventory. To summarize web-store’s self-description, they see themselves as a brand which has connected with their customers on an emotional level; pushing them ahead of competitors. Although Urban Outfitters has engrained themselves in their existing customers’ mind, they have no problem appealing to new consumers. 

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About Urban Outfitters

    With 239 stores across the world, where 16 are in Canada, 43 in Europe and 179 in the United States, Urban Outfitters is no outlier to the fashion industry. As for its extensive success, urban Outfitters’ brand has expanded enough that Richard Hayne created subsidiary stores such as Anthropologie, Free People, Terrain and BHLDN. 

    Urban Outfitters was built on vintage fashion that remains unparalleled by competitors, and appeals to both men and women. For women buyers the store has a wide selection for dresses, rompers, tops, bottoms, denim, shoes and accessories. On the men’s side of Urban Outfitters is similar, but also dwells deeper into graphic tees and sweatshirts. If you are looking to take your hipster look higher, you can buy backpacks, belts, scarves, watches and hats among other things. The quality of the wearable products are unbeatable, and because of the various textiles and fabrics made for each different piece, that has become a staple quality of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

    Another district the vintage-chic brand has started to dig deeper within is décor. Furniture by Urban Outfitters, like its clothing, is quaint, simplistic and vintage. The categories you can browse through on the website and in-store consist of furniture such as sofas, beds, etc. bedding, lights, baths, kitchens and party. Although your local store may not have the entire selection of furniture, the online store can make life very simple, especially with the Urban Outfitters free shipping policy on select items and through sale events.

    In addition to home decor, the Urban Outfitters brand also stocks their shelves with niche products in music and audio. Whether your life revolves around music or not you can find plenty of resources that you may be willing to purchase. For example, Urban Outfitters keeps up with the latest technology to bring the best sound quality to your ears. Headphones, speakers, and record players are all available through the website and in-store. Vinyl players have become a staple of Urban Outfitters, and for an affordable price you can reach musical bliss in a fashionable and vintage way.  If you already have your necessary hardware, then Urban Outfitters can help expand your music tastes. Whether you want an accessible album of a new genre, or an obscure one you may have never heard of before, the brand has found common ground between mainstream and hipster.  

    If you are into cosmetics and beauty products then look no further than Urban Outfitters’ selection, available near you or on their website. The make-up for consumers consists of that of which works for the lips, eyes, faces, eyebrows; as well as singular products Urban Outfitters has many palettes for various types of different people. For skin-care consumers can get bountiful amounts of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, sun-screens, and many organic acne creams. If you are less into the feminine look, and conform more to a masculine, but clean look, there is also a men’s grooming category suited just for you.  The products aren’t as copious as the women’s side, but contains items such as combs, beard washes, and mousse hair creams. 

Shopping Through UrbanOutfitters.com For More Selection

UrbanOutfitters.com is the online variant of the in-store experience, although it is obvious that the web version allows buyers to have the entire selection at their fingertips. Like looking at products in a physical sense, many buyers are turned off by the price and sometimes a lack of sales. However, on UrbanOutfitters.com, they will usually have occasional events or an Urban Outfitters coupon code readily available. The prices of the online store may be over some people’s realm of finances and that has been one of Urban Outfitters’ liner critiques. On the other side, many have found easy ways to chop prices in half online and in-store through Urban Outfitters printable coupons and such other types of discounts.

Shopping online isn't for everyone.  If this is the case with you, then you can simply come to the website to use the store locator feature.  Shopping in one of their stores, especially with Urban Outfitters printable coupons, is a good way to try on clothes.  

The company also sponsors an app that you can use to browse through their catalog.  It's available for both the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

Another good place to visit while on the website is their blog.  They have really interesting content for everyone.  The articles ranging from the best hand creams to urban gardening 101.  You can also stay updated by taking the time to join their newsletter.  After you join them, you will get future access to special deals such as Urban Outfitters free shipping codes.

They are also active on various social media networks.  These networks include Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and Google+.

Urban Outfitters Exclusive Discounts with Coupofy‚Äč

Coupofy  goal is to deal the best savings to their web-traffic and luckily if you are a frugal shopper into hipster fashion, Coupofy has numerous Urban Outfitters promo codes. The range of coupons on the website can either be based on shipping, discounts after a fixed shopping cart price and occasionally a percentage off on a whole cart. Coupofy also refreshes their services multiple times within a month, so if you cannot find Urban Outfitters coupons that fit your needs, one may pop up in the upcoming weeks. 

Urban Outfitters Sells

Urban Outfitters organizes its range of products in to the following main categories: Women’s, Men’s, Apartment (home furnishings), Music & Tech, Beauty, Intimates, and Sale items.

The women's range includes modern and retro styles of Dresses & Rompers, Tops, Jackets, Bottoms, Intimates, Swimwear, Activewear, and Shoes. The beauty products are touted as all natural and non animal tested, and other accessories include Jewelry, Scarves, Hair products and more.

Men's items include Graphic Tees & Tops, Jackets, Bottoms, Activewear Socks & Underwear, Shoes, and accessories such as Hats, Bags, Watches, Wallets, and Sunglasses.

For the home or apartment, you'll find bedding, lighting, décor, bath, kitchen and bar, books, party and games, an assortment of furniture and more.

The music products feature headphones, record players, vinyl, speakers, instruments and a variety of accessories.

The beauty products range from makeup to skin care, bath and body, hair, nails, fragrance, health and wellness, as well as men's grooming products.

Their “Without Walls” selection includes outdoor gear from tents, backpacks, hiking footwear, for men and women, recreational equipment and more.

You can also buy gift cards so the recipient can make their own purchasing decisions. 

You don't always have to spend your hard-earned cash purchasing someone else a gift outright.  Instead, simply get them a gift card so that they can get what they want themselves.

Shoppers can also sign up for the company's insider program.  This is a great way to get exclusive access to special deals such as Urban Outfitters discount code.  You can also get a 10% off deal for your next purchase after joining.

Payment Methods

Most common forms of payment are supported by the Urban outfitters website, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB credit cards, as well as China Union Pay, Diners Club, PayPal, and Urban Outfitters own Gift Cards and Merchandise Credits.

How to Redeem Urban Outfitters Coupons

You can easily redeem an Urban Outfitters coupon when shopping on their website.  Just shop like normal until you reach the checkout page.  Whenever you do, simply enter the code in the special code box.

Shipping Options

Free shipping is available for orders of $50 or more. There is Standard shipping via USPS, 3 day shipping, 2 day shipping and next day options as well.Orders are shipped during business days, which excludes weekends and holidays.  

Return Policy

Urban Outfitters operate a 30 day returns policy, allowing you to return all unused items no questions asked, within 30 days of the shipment date. If you miss the 30 day mark you will only be offered in-store credit.

All orders are shipped with a returns form and prepaid shipping label, which will be deducted from your return unless you received items in a defective condition.

If you have misplaced your label returns should be sent via a trackable service to:

Attn: Returns Department
30 Industrial Park Blvd.
Trenton, SC 29847


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