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Hawaiian Airlines represents the official website of the state’s main airline. With this in mind, the website allows people from all around the world to go ahead and make reservation for flights to and from Hawaii to other parts of the United States, but also to other countries, based on the flights which are currently available. 

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About Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines Sells

  • Today, Hawaiian Airlines carries an average 8 million customers a year and serves 20 domestic and international destinations in the Pacific region. In North America, it provides daily service to Hawaii from more cities than any other airline. While plenty has changed throughout the years, one thing hasn’t: our commitment to service, safety, and the spirit of aloha
  • To get the best experience possible, join HawaiianMiles, our frequent flyer program, for additional member-only discounts, special offers and Hawaii vacation deals.

Hawaiian Airlines

Payment Methods

HawaiianMiles are awarded only when a HawaiianMiles membership card is shown at the time of purchase AND payment is made with a VISA, MasterCard, JCB or Discover credit card, debit card, check or cash. Note: Additional restrictions may apply for individual partners.

Shipping Options

At this moment in time, all of the booking codes are to be delivered online, except for the frequent flyer card, which will be shipped via the most suitable method available. Once the payment confirmation has been received, the website will go ahead and issue your electronic ticket, needed for the flight. 

Return Policy

Like most booking sites, customers may have the possibility to cancel or change the date of their flights, under certain conditions. Keep in mind the fact that certain fees will be charged in the case that you need to cancel your booking, or change its date. However, to make sure that everything goes ahead as planned; make sure to contact the staff in order to get answers to all of your questions.   


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