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Ground link is transportation, pick up and drop down car service for regular travelers, including both business and leisure ones. Existing across 110 countries, it is one of the giants in providing chauffeured car service.  With a user friendly interface and mobile application, the booking becomes easy and hassle free.  A range of licensed drivers are in operation to carry out a safe transit of you and your acquaintances, without crossing the deadline.

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About GroundLink

With a fleet of more than 45000 vehicles, there is always an option available to make use of.  With the on-time guarantee imposed, you get a free ride, if the car doesn’t arrive within 5 minutes from the scheduled time.  You can also opt for multiple bookings at competitive prices. With the electronic integration embedded, you can always track your location through your Smartphone, just to ensure you are always in the safe hands and the company knows your whereabouts when in transit.   


GroundLink Sells is an online store that provides the multiple booking options with largest collection of offers.

Payment Methods

Our drivers do not accept payments in any form. Your payment information will be gathered during the booking process whether you book online, through our app or by phone

Return Policy

Since plans can take a turn sometimes and you are forced to cancel your bookings to save the precious money, there are different timings of doing so, in order to avoid cancellation fees. For the ride-now facility, which is available only in New York City, you need to cancel the ride 5 minutes before the pick-up time, or else you need to pay the base fare of $12.  For NYC airport pickup, cancellation should be done an hour prior to pick up, or else a base fair and parking fee will be charged.  For all international locations, booking has to be cancelled 12 hours before the journey, else a base fare of up to $250 will be charged.  For Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, Las Vegas and Nash Ville, cancel the booking 3 hours before the pickup time, otherwise you shall be charged a $100 base fare, in addition to parking fees if needed. 


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