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With cities getting larger, travel times taking longer, and the amount of people going from city to city there has been a demand for more vehicles. Not everyone has the option to own or bring their vehicle with them where they go. Not having a vehicle can lead to people choosing to take the bus or subway. Both options have their merit but when on the go some people just can’t wait around.

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About Enterprise-Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers customers the option to rent cars from a large fleet of vehicles and get there daily commutes done with in a flash.

Customers needing a special vehicle for a big day such as a business meeting or date can rent luxury cars to arrive in class or a family visiting from out of town and on a budget can rent a reasonably priced car. The options are endless.


Enterprise Rent-A-Car History:

The company was started in 1957 in St. Louis Missouri under the name Executive Leasing Company by Jack Taylor. The company would soon find itself seeing a demand from out of town folk to purchase vehicles for day use. Jack would use this demand to switch the company over to a rental company. He would call it Enterprise Rent-A-Car as a tribute to the USS Enterprise aircraft from World War 2.

By the mid 2000s Enterprise Rent-A-Car was becoming the number one rental dealership in the world and is quickly buying out competitors. Its parent company now owns the largest amount of rental dealerships in the world and continues to expand to this day.

How to Use Enterprise Rent-A-Car:

Head over to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car website, select the country you are in, the location of pickup, dates of need, and vehicle type.

The company will then show a list of available weekends for the days and customers can choose what they want according to their needs and budget. Customers can then proceed to the checkout where their information will be taken and payments can be made and insurance options can be picked.

Enterprise-Rent-A-Car Sells

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an online site which provides the different kind of cars such as:  

  • Economy car rental
  • Luxury Car Rental
  • Minivan Rental
  • SUV rental
  • Pickup Truck Rental
  • Cargo Van Rental
  • Hybrid Car Rental

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Coupons with Coupofy:

Coupofy now offers Enterprise Rent-A-Car coupons that customers can use to get discounts on the vehicles that they want.

Go to the Coupofy website and select, Enterprise Rent-A-Car. From here look through the current coupons being offered and decide which suits your needs best. Once ready copy the desired Enterprise Rent-A-Car coupon to the clipboard and head over to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car website. At checkout apply the code and you are set!

Payment Methods       

A credit card is needed to make payment with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, customers can choose to use any credit card that they own.

Alternatively customers can pay with their debit cards but will still need to present a credit card as a form of payment if the debit card transaction does not go through.

Return Policy

Customers are always having their travel or normal day plans altered and Enterprise Rent-A-Car understands this. Customers are allowed to cancel, modify, or rebook their rental service at any point before the time of pickup.

If a customer no shows a pick up date they will be subjected to the rental fee regardless of not having possession of the vehicle.


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