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Attending an event of the city, going on vacation, or even just staying at a local hotel has become diluted by many hoops to jump through. Finding a flight, hotel, and finding the best price could very well be a nightmare to balance and many people end up settling for less than what their money should be getting.

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About Hotwire is the solution to everyone looking for hotels, air fare, vacation packages, and vehicle rentals. What's more is we offer you all the latest Hotwire coupons to make savings on your bookings! Just browse our list to find the code you want  to use.

Users of Hotwire are able to pick and choose what they need when they are away from home and find the best deals available to get the most out of their money.


Hotwire has a single mission, blow customers away with unbelievable service, prices, and accessibility to all that they need to book their next trip.

Since 2000 Hotwire has been working behind the scenes, vigorously working with partners to obtain their unsold inventory.

Partners of Hotwire understand unsold inventory means that they are not maximizing their profits. The partners then let Hotwire sell their services on a discount so they make some money over no money at all!  Taking advantage of empty hotel rooms, flights, and extra cars on the lots has led to Hotwire customers getting deals that they would otherwise not be able to obtain from Hotwires partners themselves.

Hotwire Sells

Hotwire does not look to put customer is hostage to pick specific days to get deals. All days, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week offer deals for whatever service(s) the user may need. Simply click the header for the service desired (Hotel, Car, Flight, Vacation) and fill out the information form on dates and how many people. Hotwire will then compile the info and being digging through their extensive partner list to find the best deals.

A list of options will come up for the selected date(s) and the user can look into each option and decide which is best suited for them!

Getting even more Hotwire discounts with Coupofy:

Hotwire is always looking for more customers and has now partnered with Coupofy to offer Hotwire coupons! To get to even more discounts simply head over to the Coupofy website and scroll until you come across Hotwire.

Once on the Coupofy page for Hotwire simply find the Hotwire coupon code you would like to use. There are many to choose from, leaving you covered to get a discount on any service Hotwire already offers discounts on!

Copy the Hotwire coupon code to your clipboard and now click the Hotwire page on the Coupofy page to get redirected. Apply the discount at checkout and you will be good to go!

Payment Methods

  • Bill Me Later
  • Credit/Debit cards
  • HotDollars
  • International Currencies

Shipping Options

The majority of bookings made on Hotwire are delivered digitally, allowing you to print your reservations from an email.

Return Policy

Hotwire prides itself with getting the biggest deals out of their partners and because of this cancellations may not always be possible for the biggest deals.

Hot rate deals cannot be cancelled, transferred, or changed because the hotwire partner will not take the return after they have gone so deep to discount the price already. Protection is available if you think travel plans may change, Hotwire offers emergency trip protection. If you need to cancel at any point you may and get a refund. This emergency trip protection costs a little more but should cover anyone who may end up needing to cancel or change their service.

On the other hand normal rate discounts will be allowed to cancel or rebook at any time through the Hotwire website or by phone at any point without question!


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