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Motel 6 is a popular brand of budget motels that was founded  in 1962 by Paul Greene and William Becker.  Their first location was in Santa Barbara, California, and now its one of the most recognized motel brands in the United States. 

The company got its name because it initially charged the bargain rate of $6 for a night's stay in their rooms. They increased their popularity back in those days by offering certain amenities not found in other locations such as allowing pets in the building. 

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About Motel 6

For those seeking to stay a bit longer, the company established the Studio 6 Extended Stay brand in 1999.  The two brands were sold to the Blackstone Group in 2012 for almost two billion dollars.  There are currently well over 1,000 locations spanning not only the United States, but Canada as well.

Motel 6

Motel 6's official website can be located at and they also have some useful mobile apps for those travelling.  They make it a breeze to reserve one of their rooms online.  All you have to do is fill in the dates that are needed and how many people plan to stay.

They know that not everyone speaks English as a first language.  To accommodate their Spanish-speaking customers, their website is also available in Spanish by clicking the icon at the top of the page.

Motel 6 Sells

If you're not looking to spend a great deal of money on a motel room, then Motel 6 is definitely one of your better options.  You can easily find rooms to rent by visiting their website.  There are also many special deals that you can take advantage of by going online.

Families taking a vacation can definitely cut expenses thanks to their child-friendly policies.  As long as you're staying in the same room, children under the age of 17 can stay for free.

The company also shows appreciation to not only those who currently serve in the military, but those who formerly served as well.  Not only are personnel able to get their military discount of 10%, but their families are too.  All you have to do is bring a military-issued piece of identification.

AARP members can also take part in savings.  They have the ability to save 10% on their room, get WiFi internet access for free, and also have the option of checking out as late as 2pm if they request it.

As mentioned previously, Motel 6 proudly offers a wide range of amenities with their rooms.  If you bring children 17 years or younger, then they'll stay for free as long as you're all in the same room.  They also accept pets into the rooms with certain restrictions.  Most of their locations also give guests access to laundry facilities and the pool. 

Payment Methods

You have the option of paying with cash at the site, major credit card online, or a traveler's check.  If you want to pay with either a personal or business check, then you'll have to send it in well in advance. 

Credit cards you can use include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diner's Club. Other cards may be permitted if you contact customer support to place the reservation.

Return Policy

Using your online account you cancel reservations right up to 4pm the day you are due to arrive and you will not be charged. Any later and you may be subject to a penalty charge to your credit card.

I you wish to make a complaint due to poor service this must be done through the individual location.


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