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Whether you love to drink tea occasionally or it’s something that you have every day, you already understand the importance of having access to quality tea. A tea that is composed of premium ingredients will always provide the best flavor and the most enjoyable results. At Adagio, you have the assurance of knowing that the founders appreciate and value quality tea just as much as you do. This is not only demonstrated by the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction, but also the remarkable prices available for many of the teas on the website. When you make your purchase with an Adagio coupon or discount code, you can also save additional money.

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Details: Black Friday! Get $5 off no minimum + Additional 5% off & free sample when you Share order on Facebook for New customers only.
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About Adagio

The early inspiration for Adagio first occurred in Sophie Kreymerman’s mind in 1999. Noting that people never requested coffee when they visited her home, Sophie realized that her visitors typically enjoyed sharing a cup of tea. Sophie’s initial idea was to open a tea shop that would feature a computer in the back of the building so that she could also conduct the business online.

 Acknowledging the growing popularity of the Internet at the time, Sophie and her sons began researching what type of opportunities would be possible if the Internet was more widely used in the development of the business. Bringing Adagio online would provide the company with greater access to serving and selling tea to the rest of the population instead of just locally. 


Since then, a business that once began filling tea orders from a 3-bedroom home has blossomed into a successful company that now operates out of multiple warehouses. People from around the world now have access to a variety of unique teas that they cannot find elsewhere. The company even features a popular line of teaware and gifts. If you’re seeking to learn more about this amazing company, Coupofy has all of the details you need.

What Makes Adagio Different?

If you’ve shopped for tea online before, you may wonder what makes Adagio different from other tea companies such as Teavana. A great example of this can be found in the way Adagio allows customers to create their own blends. If you love mixing teas and creating your own unique flavors, then you will definitely enjoy blending the wide array of teas and ingredients available.

You can also shared your blended creations online via Adagio com. The company recommends that you should sample your own blend first before you recommend and share it with someone else, since you will want to ensure that it tastes suitable enough for consumption first. If you’re not sure what types of flavors will blend well together, there are a number of recommended formulas listed on the website that you can use to create your blend instead of starting from scratch.

Another interesting aspect to Adagio’s company is that they offer an impressive amount of teas that are based upon certain fandoms and themes. Many of these are blends that other customers have created, but also come with customized tins and unique packaging that really make them stand out in comparison to what you might find at other tea companies. This is one reason that Adagio has been very popular with younger users and has introduced an entirely new generation to the enjoyment of tea.

In terms of cost efficient options, Adagio has far more reasonable, low prices in comparison to some of the most popular tea companies around. Each of the teas available on the website are appropriately priced and are even more affordable when paired with an Adagio discount code.

How to Save On Your Purchase with An Adagio Coupon

As you shop at Adagio, you will realize that the company offers many discounts and deals. These range from popular options such as the Adagio promo code to other options that provide you with discounts on specific items in your order.

More often than not, Adagio will have these coupons and their related codes already listed on their website so that you won’t have to hunt around for them. Knowing exactly where to look for the correct promo code can be essential when you are making a purchase, especially if you are considering an eForCity coupon, for example. Keep in mind that the value of the coupons available will always vary depending on sales that are happening on Adagio’s website and any other additional promotions. If you want to stay updated with new information when coupons become available, you may also want to subscribe to the company’s email newsletter.

When you have finally found a coupon that you want to use, it’s very simple to redeem it. Put all of the options that you want to purchase into your shopping cart on the site and then proceed to checkout. During the checkout process, you will be asked for your Adagio promo code with the rest of your information. Always verify that the code has been properly applied to your order before you confirm your purchase.

If the code doesn’t work for some reason, it’s likely that it has been input incorrectly, doesn’t apply to the items in your order, or it may have expired. Generally, the website will let you know why a coupon or promo code isn’t working correctly. If it doesn’t work the first time, try once more. If you still don’t have any success, it is highly recommended to try out another Adagio coupon instead.

How Long Does It Take an Adagio Coupon to Expire?

As referenced, it is possible for coupons to expire. A coupon code that may work for you today may not work for you at all tomorrow depending on the promotion that it’s assigned to or the length of time left for that coupon to be considered valid. The period of time associated with expiry tends to vary, although most coupons will last anywhere from a range of one week to a few months. If you read the coupon terms on the site, you’ll have more information about any requirements associated with your coupon and the estimated length of the promotion.

It is important to note that gift certificates or similar types of discount codes do not always have an expiry or may have a noticeably longer period before the expiry date. If you are ever in doubt, refer to the terms of the discount or contact customer service for more information.

Loyalty Program

For customers that just can’t get enough tea, Adagio offers a loyalty program to provide rewards and discounts. Similar to an Adagio coupon, these discounts can provide you with significant savings on your overall purchase. In example, for every dollar that you spend on the website, you’ll receive Frequent Cups points. It is also possible to earn 6 Frequent Cups points per product review, customized blend promotions, or recommendations. Upon earning 100 points, you can then convert them into a $10 certificate for a discount on your next purchase.

If you have earned multiple certificates over an extended period of time, Adagio also allows you to combine these certificates on your next purchase. In doing so, it’s entirely possible that you could purchase your next order for completely free if you have saved enough certificates from your progress in the loyalty program. Don’t forget, you can even pair your certificates with an Adagio coupon for added savings.

Another unique way to earn points for your own certificates is to gift points to your friends and loved ones. When you mail a complimentary $5 gift certificate to someone and they make use of it, Adagio will provide you with an extra 10 points for your Frequent Cups account. If you send out certificates to 10 of your friends and they become new customers and make a purchase, then you’ve already earned a $10 certificate just for introducing your friends to the company. 

Tea of the Month Club

Individuals that are interested in trying out new teas will want to consider Adagio’s tea of the month club. There are five different versions of the tea of the month club which include black tea, flavored tea, decaf, herbal, and green or oolong. The sends two monthly selections at once, meaning a six-month subscription will include three bi-monthly shipments and a twelve-month subscription will include six bi-monthly shipments. For lower prices on your tea of the month club subscription, you can also use an Adagio coupon.

Shipping Options

At Adagio, any orders that are placed by 3 PM Eastern Time will be shipped on the same day. The company offers very reasonable shipping rates at $3.75 for ground shipping and $9.75 for second day shipping. Pricing for next day shipping varies based upon the weight of the packaged order and the distance that the package will be traveling. Alternatively, if you have Adagio coupon code free shipping, you can skip the shipping fees entirely.

In most cases, Adagio will try to ship products from the warehouse that will be closest to your location to ensure that you receive your items promptly and that you pay the most affordable rates. The company primarily ships with FedEx and USPS, although only orders under 15 pounds will be shipped via the latter option.

If you have selected ground shipping, you can typically expect to receive your order within 1 to 4 business days depending upon your location. Orders that are delivered via USPS typically take a day longer. Orders requested from outside of the United States will be shipped with International Priority Mail, which typically takes around 6 to 10 business days to arrive. Please note that these times may vary during the holiday season or during times with weather delays. For all International Priority Mail orders, shipping varies depending upon your location and can be estimated on Adagio’s website.

Looking For a Memorable Gift? Try Adagio!

Understandably, it can be challenging to find quality gifts at affordable prices. However, Adagio offers many fine gifts for the tea drinker in your life, most of which are at very reasonable rates. This includes a variety of teaware, gift sets, and much more. You can even use an Adagio coupon or certificate to make the cost even more affordable, making this a great decision if you’ve been seeking a gift that will be impressive without potentially breaking your budget.

Not sure what may be an ideal choice? Adagio encourages you to reach out to its customer support team with any questions or concerns. This is particularly useful during the holiday season or if you’re trying to figure out what some of the most popular teas and gift options available on the site may be.

Alternatively, if you know someone who really loves shopping for tea on the site, you might even want to send over an Adagio discount code to help them save a little more on their next purchase. Sharing coupons and certificates can be a great way to make that purchase for a special someone even more cost effective.

Is Adagio Right For You?

If you love tea, it’s more than likely that you were already aware of the existence of Adagio. If you have never tried it before, you may be wondering if it’s right for you. In comparison to some of the other popular tea companies online, Adagio provides some of the most compelling services and can expose you to a lot of new teas that you haven’t previously tasted. Seasoned tea drinkers who are interested in learning more about what types of flavors pair well together will appreciate the ability to creatre their own blends, which is an uncommon option among other companies. Great discounts and deals such as the Adagio coupon can make your shopping experience all the more affordable and enjoyable. Choose Coupofy for all the latest Adagio coupons updated daily!

If you’re just getting started with tea and you don’t know where to begin, Adagio can also be a nice choice because of the starter kits and various blends available. Opportunities such as the tea of the month club can help to make you more adventurous about your choices and allow you to determine what types of teas you enjoy the most. Regardless, with incredible low prices, many teas to choose from, and a impressive discounts with the use of an Adagio coupon, there’s definitely something suitable for everyone at this store.

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