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5 Deals Redeemed Today is a leading online retailer of cleaning and personal hygiene products, owned by, which in turn is owned by online shopping giant Amazon. It is headquartered along with its sister brands in Montclair, New Jersey, United States, with Emilie Arel Scott currently serving as CEO.

The website was launched in 2010, shortly before the Amazon acquisition. It was an outgrowth of Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara's which was launched in 2004, and quickly became a small empire of ecommerce sites.

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Because of its association with Amazon it is known for great customer service (24/7) and a simple global shipping policy, which allows you to get most orders within just 2 days! Sells

You can browse's wide array of products by using the search bar or its easy to follow categories. These include household cleaning products and items like trash bags, personal hygiene and cosmetics, make-up, over the counter medicines and remedies, vitamins and supplements, and even long lasting grocery products.

Payment Methods       currently accepts all major credit cards together with PayPal, which can be very handy for international orders.

Shipping Options

In terms of shipping, offers a couple of solutions to their users. One of the features that their users love most is 2 day shipping, which is only available in the case that a product is purchased before 6 P.M so that the order can be processed. Together with this, international orders will also take longer to process, depending on the destination country, so something that has been purchased from this site will be delivered in a range of 2 days to two weeks depending on certain terms.

In the US all order over $49 are shipped for free.

Return Policy

Unlike other providers, has come with a unique way of handling returns. With this in mind, the firm will gladly accept returns within 365 days of the purchase, and refund all of the money spent, including shipping.


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