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Gempler's is in the business of selling gear for those working outdoors.  Their line of products includes items such as footwear, workwear, safety products, and even pest management.  They aim to provide everything that working people need whether it be items they need on a regular basis or simply something for a one-time project.  There are more than 40,000 products currently in their catalog, all picked out by hand.

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About Gempler's

Quality definitely isn't a concern when it comes to their products.  Everything they offer is commercial-grade.  Customers will recognize the variety of brands they carry as they're some of the most popular.  They include Fimco, 3M, Felco, and Carhartt.


Gempler's Website

The main website is located at  Although online shopping offers convenience, their website isn't the only way to get access to their array of products.  You can fill out the simple form on the website to request that a catalog be sent to your home.

The company designed the website with an easy-to-use interface.  If you still can't find your way around however, there's no need to worry.  If you can make it to the online buyer's guide section, you'll soon be good to go.  This area will walk you through the entire process of doing whatever it is you're looking to do.

Gempler's knows that certain types of outdoor work can be difficult to say the least.  They offer a variety of training tip sheets that their website visitors can make use of.  These tip sheets include topics such as how to lift properly to prevent back injuries, how to maintain a respirator, and how to perform tailgate training.

Gempler's Sells

Consumers will find a wide range of items for sale at Gempler's.  Those in the field of agriculture will find products such as animal feeders, fencing supplies, pest control, animal watering products, and record keeping solutions.

No matter what type of work you're in, you'll need something on your feet.  The website is stocked with a wide selection of boots and boot accessories.  Other options under this category include waders, slip-ons, women's footwear, and socks.

The horticulture section offers a vast selection of products also.  Visitors can find brooms, wagons, GPS units, shovels, landscaping equipment, chain saws.  You can also find scales and axes if you're looking for them.

A range of power equipment parts are also available for sale.  You can shop for bearings, air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, trimmer line, and spark plugs.  If you're in the market for safety supplies, then you'll see eye protection, hearing protection, and protective clothing.  This category also offers chainsaw safety products.

Even with their wide selection of products in many different categories, Gempler's still may not have what you're looking for.  If that's the case, then you can simply contact their technical product support department.  They will gladly track down what you're looking for and sell it to you.  All you have to do is submit your special request to them via email.

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Payment Methods

Consumers have many different possible payment methods.  They accept major credit cards for online, phone, and mail-in orders.  You can also mail payments in with a money order or a check.

Shipping Options

We have a simple policy. Shipping and handling charges are based on the dollar amount of your order. The rate chart shown below makes it easy to calculate. These rates include handling and apply to standard ground shipping for orders meeting UPS weight and dimension standards. Orders that cannot be shipped via standard ground shipping are shipped via an alternate means, and you pay the actual freight charges.

Return Policy

Customer service is very important to Gempler's.  If you're not happy with the merchandise that you've received, then you can contact the company to request a no-hassle return.


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