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100 Percent Pure was founded in 2005 by Susie Wang and a partnership including her boyfriend and her brother.  Before she helped start the company, she was employed by national cosmetic companies where she learned the dark secrets regarding their ingredients.

With these experiences in mind, she formed her own company that aimed to deliver natural products to consumers.  Their makeup is only made with pigments from fruits and vegetables.  They don't have any harmful ingredients such as detergents, fragrances, chemicals, or synthetics.

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About 100 Percent Pure

In addition to their natural makeup offerings, 100 Percent Pure also offers a range of other products.  They include skin, hair, and bath and body products.  None of these other products contain harmful ingredients like those manufactured by some other companies.  They are all-natural just like the makeup.

The company also believes in philanthropy.  Over the years, it has partnered with a range of well-known organizations that help society.  Some of the most popular include the Humane Society of the United States, American Red Cross, Peta, Leaping Bunny, and Keep a Child Alive.

100 Percent Pure

100 Percent Pure Website

100 Percent Pure has an array of stores mainly on the west coast, although they do have one location serving the Maryland area.  The locations of all of these stores around the country are available on their website, located at 100percentpure.com.

On the website, visitors will find all of their products laid out conveniently.  This enables consumers interested in their brand to find whatever they need whether it be makeup, skin care products, or hair care products. 

While on the website, you may want to sign up for their official newsletter.  Doing so will enable you to keep up with company updates and also be first in line whenever they release special deals.

For those who own a website or blog themselves, they may want to checkout the affiliate program that operates on three different networks.  They offer commissions up to 8%.  Creatives are also available so you can more easily attract prospects.

The company also operates a blog on the website.  It's a good place to visit if you're interested in receiving beauty tips like keeping your eyebrows looking nice or how to use herbal detox masks effectively.

100 Percent Pure Sells

100 Percent Pure offers customers a range of products to keep them looking good.  They are known for their makeup products for the face, eyes, cheeks, and lips.  They also have an assortment of brushes.

In the skin category, the company offers products such as cleansers, moisturizers, eye creams, masks, and serums.  Visitors can also find body scrubs, moisturizers, gels, and soaps beneath the body category.

Other products in the catalog include shampoos ,nail polishes, and conditioners.  There are also baby products gentle enough for newborns.

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Payment Methods              

When shopping on the 100 Percent Pure website, you'll need to use a major credit card like a Visa or American Express.  Another payment option is Paypal.

 Shipping Options

Right now, they also have an offer that gives customers free shipping on any order placed on the website.  They also ship to P.O., FPO, and APO boxes.

Return Policy

If you want to get a return or exchange, then you'll need to contact the company within 30 days of your purchase.  Although it doesn't still have to be new, the merchandise still has to look new.


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