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Pharmaca is the convenient and online solution to increase in medical costs. Pharmaca is here to help reduce costs with proper quality control done by real health professionals.

Modern day pharmaceuticals and therapeutics are ever rising in price and health insurance becoming something that either is unaffordable or does not cover all needs. Pharmaca works by finding natural and alternative drugs that a team of health professionals endorse to be alternative treatments to everyday issues.

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About Pharmaca

Treating medical conditions, providing quality vitamins and minerals, sexual stimulation, and much more is all available with a few clicks at

History of Pharmaca:

Pharmaca started out as a conventional pharmacy in the back of a drugstore in Boulder Colorado in early 2000. The small team of hardworking staff began to drift away from the notion that big pharma was the only way to go and soon began turning into a store that would sell alternative medicines to treat similar issues.


With an out poor of positive feedback, Pharmaca decided to take things to the next level and within two years, four more stores were open looking to give customers an alternative way to treat and live their lives.

Demand for Pharmaca stores could not keep up with the speed they could be built, so now Pharmaca has become the online leader in sales of natural health products.

Traditions and principles for high standards that are found in the physical stores are still held in the online sales, creating a space to purchase high quality products without worrying about the integrity and safety of the items being shipped.

Pharmaca Sells

Traditional therapeutics typically are geared at treating symptoms rather than alleviating or treating the root cause. Pharmaca on the other hand thinks that treating the root cause is the way to go. All treatments that are listed on Pharmaca are looked at by our staff before hitting shelves for customers to buy.

Beyond the health products, Pharmaca understands the desire to achieve beauty without exposing the body to synthetic chemicals made in a lab. Beauty products are sold touting their natural and safe ingredients.

Coupofy Partner

Customers looking to get discounts on Pharmacas huge inventory of products can do so using Coupofy.

Coupofy makes discounts easy. Users just need to go to the Coupofy website, click the Pharmaca branding and pick which coupon they want to use.

The coupons are kept up to date and will automatically redirect the user to their online retailer. Discounts will be added before checkout, without the customer having to enter a long coupon code in. 

Payment Methods

Pharmaca accepts global credit cards such as MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and even discover.

Users who do not feel comfortable typing their credit card info in can also purchase goods with PayPal. 

Shipping Options

Pharmaca currently ships exclusively in the United States and Puerto Rico with three different tiers of shipping.

Users looking for free shipping can get the standard shipping free if they make a combined purchase of over $35.

USPS priority, FEDEX 2 day, and FEDEX overnight shipping is also available for customers who are needing their orders filled right away.

Consumers looking to purchase probiotics are encouraged to use at the very least the 2 day FEDEX shipping to keep the probiotic in functioning condition as they need to be stored in cold conditions. 

Return Policy

You may return any unopened, unused, or defective item purchased from within thirty (30) days of the date you received your order.  You will receive a full refund for unopened, unused or defective items in the original form of payment.  Merchandise damaged in shipment may be returned for a full refund but a request for such a refund must be placed with Pharmaca customer service within 48 hours of delivery.  


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