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When it comes to shoes, everyone likes to find footwear that matches their personal style and helps to provide them with the adequate support they need in a variety of situations. However, often than not, that perfect pair of stylish shoes often costs much more than you may expect. This can be particularly frustrating if you need specific types of shoes for work, sports, school, or an event. Many parents even struggle with being able to fit new shoes for their children into the budget because of the high prices associated with children’s shoes. Payless shoes is the solution to this problem offering quality shoes at an affordable price and using a Coupofy Payless Shoes coupon helps make quality shoes even more affordable!

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About Payless Shoes

Acknowledging the high costs of quality footwear in general, Payless Shoes has become a leader in the industry by providing individuals with the shoes they need for a fraction of the price. Shopping smart in combination with a Payless Shoes coupon is the key to getting footwear for the entire family without overspending your budget. Founded in 1956 in Kansas, Payless Shoes was based on the idea that customers should be able to have access to quality shoes at reasonable prices within a self-select environment. This meant that there wouldn’t be any sales representatives trying to force customers to buy specific shoes and customers could find exactly what they wanted in the meantime. 

Payless Shoes

Over half a century later, Payless Shoes continues to be a successful and popular option among many consumers. The company still uses the self-select model that it originally started with and combines it with great customer service to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience. Payless careers have provided jobs to over 25,000 associates around the world, including options such as Payless Canada, which has also helped to stimulate the economy and change lives.

Whether you are seeking information on a Payless Shoes coupon or Payless Shoes great deals, Coupofy can provide you with everything you need to know. We have information about Payless Shoes loyalty program, shipping, discounts, and what you can expect during your shopping experience. Without a doubt, a quick browse on Coupofy will easily prepare you for your next shoe shopping experience at Payless.

Why Shop at Payless Shoes?

Undeniably, there are plenty of shoe stores in the world and there’s no shortage of shoes when you visit your local shopping mall. Acknowledging this, you might wonder why you should shop at Payless Shoes compared to anywhere else. If you are trying to save money or fit new shoes into your budget, shopping at this store is a great option. An increasing majority of shoe stores are selling shoes at higher prices, which means it’s more difficult for people in the general working class to afford them. At the same time, you can only avoid getting new shoes for so long. As your old shoes continue to experience wear and tear or you outgrow them, it will eventually cause foot pain and can even damage your feet. New shoes are essential if you want to focus on proper foot care, especially if you are always standing when you’re at work.

Under these circumstances, Payless Shoes is likely the most affordable option in your city. Most shoe stores won’t provide you with discounts or coupons for any of your purchases, especially if you are shopping at the shoe stores in the mall. At Payless Shoes, the shoes available are already priced very reasonably, so it’s easy to fit a pair or two into your budget. Once you combine these prices with a current Payless Shoes coupon, the shoes become even more affordable. In terms of cost efficient options, the only comparable choice would be to purchase Walmart shoes, but these shoes often lack the quality and durability of what you would find at Payless.

Buying cheaper shoes doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality, style, or even brand names. Many of the shoes that you will find at Payless Shoes are from popular brand names that many people pay a lot of money for at other stores. Payless demonstrates that on a more honest pricing approach, even some of the most well-known sneaker and pump brands could be affordable if stores didn’t use inflation.

What Can You Find at Payless Shoes?

Payless Shoes offers a wide range of footwear options for men, women and children. Whether you are interested in shoes that fit into a specific trend, seasonal styles, or you just want a new pair of shoes, there’s always something waiting for you. In addition to selling shoes, Payless Shoes also covers a variety of accessories including handbags, scarves, slippers, socks and hosiery, dance accessories, umbrellas, coordinates, and much more. You can purchase products for proper shoe care and can even find a nice variety of hats.

This means that whether you are purchasing shoes for a special occasion or simply because you like the style, you can always accessorize and ensure that you are adequately prepared. If you’re a fashionista, this is great because you can find plenty of accessories that will complement the shoes that you’ve purchased. Likewise, if you need special accessories for polishing your shoes or even just keeping dry on a rainy day with your new rain boots, you can buy everything in the same place. This creates a truly convenient shopping experience.

Save Additional Money with Payless Rewards

If you want to save more money when you are shopping for shoes, it is highly recommended that you sign up for Payless Rewards. This is especially useful if you like to shop for your shoes on Payless Shoes website. Signing up for Payless Rewards is completely free and can provide you with a number of benefits. For example, if you are a Payless Rewards member, you can get free ground shipping on all orders of $50 or more. You will also receive a special offer for a discount on your birthday.

Members of Payless Rewards receive a number of exclusive coupons throughout the year. These coupons generally provide a higher discount compared to the traditional Payless Shoes coupon, making them a great value. You will also receive many surprise deals and invites to special in store events with your membership. If you plan on shopping at Payless Shoes frequently or you like to stock up on shoes for various occasions, joining Payless Rewards is a very reliable way to gain consistent savings.

Tips on Finding A Payless Shoes Coupon

Payless Shoes offers affordable shoes on a regular basis, but you can maximize your savings if you have the right Payless Shoes coupon when you’re shopping. Of course, these coupons are not always listed on the site, so you need to know where to look if you want to find the best deals possible. The first recommendation is to always stop in at your local Payless Shoes to see if there are any store ads. These store ads often have a few online coupon codes that can be redeemed listed in the fine print. If you don’t know where the nearest location is, you can either visit the Payless Shoes store locator on the website or search for “Payless Shoes locations near me”.

Subscribe for the Payless Shoes email notifications to stay updated on offers and promotions. Whenever there is an event, a sale, or a new coupon that becomes available, you will receive an email from Payless Shoes. This is great if you do a lot of online shopping, although these emails don’t often feature coupons for the in store promotions.

Another highly recommended option is to start following Payless Shoes on social media for more deals. A lot of times, Payless will post special coupons and promotions on social media to cater to the followers on these sites. This means that following will provide you with a coupon Payless Shoes wouldn’t have sent out via email or posted on its website. Sometimes you might even receive a promo code Payless Shoes hasn’t even sent out through Payless Rewards, which truly makes these types of promotions very valuable when you can find them.

Redeeming A Payless Shoes Coupon

When you have your desired Payless Shoes promo code, redeeming it online is simple. Load all of the shoes that you want to purchase into your shopping cart on the website. When you are ready to make your purchase, start the checkout process. During this time, you will be asked about how you are going to pay for your purchase and where you want your order shipped. While you are providing this information, you should also notice that you will be prompted for your Payless Shoes promotion code. Type the promotion code into the required field and click apply.

If the process is successful, the discount will be indicated in the final total. If you do not see a discount or you receive an error message, you might want to check the code to see if you have typed it correctly. In the event the code still does not work, we recommend trying a different Payless Shoes discount code. Generally speaking, there are some reasons why discount codes do not always work, although these reasons can vary.

The most common reason that your Payless Shoes coupon probably didn’t work was because it was expired. All coupons have their own expiration period and it’s not uncommon to find coupons that have long since expired if you’re using options like retailmenot Payless Shoes coupons. If you are using an old coupon that you found online instead of something more recent, it’s not going to work. To prevent these types of expiration issues from happening, just use the most recent discount you’ve found from Payless coupons 2020.

Another common reason that the coupon didn’t work was because it wasn’t the right coupon for the store. Coupons at Payless Shoes will work if they are designated for use at this store. As such, you can’t expect a Payless Car Rental coupon code to work at Payless Shoes during your checkout experience. Always double check your coupons and read them carefully to make sure that you are using the right coupon for the store.

Payless Shoes Shipping Options

If you don’t want to spend time shopping at Payless Shoes store in your area and you already know your size, you might be more interested in shopping online instead. offers a variety of shipping options that you can choose from including in-store delivery to a location near you, standard, expedited, and rush delivery. The company ships using USPS and FedEx to ensure that your shoes arrive when you need them. The types of delivery and the carrier that you will receive will vary depending on your location.

The fees associated with shipping will vary depending on the type of service you have selected, the weight of your order, and the destination where it will be shipped. In-store shipping is free if you meet the minimum order required. Standard shipping is available for $5.95. To save money on paying this fee, you can use a Payless Shoes free shipping code to waive the cost. Unless there is a promotion stating otherwise, your free shipping code Payless Shoes provides you will only cover the cost of standard shipping. More advanced methods of shipping will still require a fee.

How to Make Returns to Payless Shoes

You can return any purchase from at one of the Payless Shoes stores in your area. If you are going to make a return in a store, you must bring the original packing slip and receipt that came with your order, the credit card that you used to purchase the item, and the item that you would like to return or exchange. Refunds will be credited to the credit or debit card that you used to make the purchase initially, unless you have made a payment via PayPal. Generally, the credit back to your account will not appear until one or two billing cycles have passed.

Returning your products from Payless Shoes is fairly easy, but it’s important to consider how returns affect you if you have used a Payless Shoes coupon when you first made your purchase. If you have received a discount for purchasing multiple items, such as if you participated in a “Buy One, Get One Half Off” deal or a “Buy Two, Get One Free” promotion, you have some options. Generally, you will receive the credit for the purchase price of the item that you received at half price or you have the choice of exchanging that item for a different product of the same or lesser value. In these situations, your free items can only be exchanged for items that have the same or lesser value.

In a slightly different scenario, if you use a Payless Shoes coupon that has special terms, such as a certain amount of shoes must be purchased or a certain brand of shoes must be purchased, you have to consider these terms when you make your return. Returning the items involved with the conditions may mean that you will lose the discount, which can affect the amount of money that you can receive with your refund. The best way to avoid this is to choose to do an exchange instead of doing a refund. This way, you will be able to choose items that will still meet your needs and you won’t lose the value of your discount.

Is Payless Shoes Better Than Other Shoe Stores?

Acknowledging these points, you may wonder if it’s better to shop at Payless or other shoe stores based upon selection and cost. Payless Shoes has an impressive selection of shoes that you can choose from and offers shoes for all ages. It is particularly useful if you have children and you are searching for specific sizes for their smaller feet, since most children’s specialty stores tend to overprice their products. Another benefit to shopping at Payless Shoes is that the store offers half sizes, which are not always carried at a lot of the well-known shoe retailers. If you wear a half-size or another unique size, you already know how challenging it can be to find a store that carries shoes in your size. More often than not, Payless Shoes carries these sizes. If they are not available in the store you have visited, an associate can find them for you at another store or you can find them online.

Shopping at Payless Shoes means that you can have access to some of the most popular brands for a fraction of the price. This can help you to save money in the long run without causing you to sacrifice the quality or style of the shoes overall. Compared to shoe shopping at a mall or a well-known department shoe store, you will save hundreds of dollars. This is not only because of the price difference between the shoe options, but also because of the amount of additional deals available. Payless Shoes can provide you with a rewards program, exclusive discounts, sale events, and great promotions such as “Buy One, Get One Half Off” or “Buy Two, Get One Free”. This definitely makes it a far more cost efficient option.

Payless Shoes is a great option for anyone seeking to save money and look great. The quality of the shoes will help you to take proper care of your feet without sacrificing a lot of money. It doesn’t matter if you need classy loafers, traditional dress shoes, or even dance shoes for school, you will find that there are always affordable options to choose from at Payless Shoes. What’s more, your purchase can be combined with nearly any Payless Shoes coupon to ensure that you get the best price possible.

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