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Angie's List was founded in 1995 by Angie Hicks and Williams Oesterle.  Ms. Hicks came up with the idea for the company based on her inability to find a suitable contractor for her boss, Mr. Oesterle.  Their venture together was originally entitled Columbus Neighbors since the company was based out of Columbus, Ohio.

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About Angie's List

Columbus Neighbors provided locals with reviews for a variety of companies such as lawn care services and dentists.  They published their findings in a publication and also released the information whenever their customers called into the company.  They went from door-to-door in an effort to sign up more customers and get personal reviews.

Angie's List

They started out as a company that completely operated offline, but this changed in 1999.  With the formation of their new website, the company was able to expand its reach nationally.

Angie's List Website

As its name suggests, you can find the official website at  There is an assortment of useful information on the website for visitors to browse through.  The video section offers information on such topics as how to stretch carpet properly or how to get rid of pigeons from around your home or business.

If videos aren't your thing, then the text articles may be more to your liking.  These articles cover topics like choosing the right interior shutters, cleaning blinds properly, cleaning mattresses, and cleaning your shower head.

There is even a home solution center on the Angie's List website.  This section offers homeowners information on things they can try before calling a repair service.  The information in this section can potentially save homeowners a lot of money.

The solutions are conveniently categorized so you can find information based on your specific needs.  The different categories include home, auto, health, pets, and services.

The Angie's List brand is also active on social media.  You can find their profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+.  If you own a website, then you may want to consider signing up for their affiliate program.  For each membership that you refer, you can earn a 75% commission.

What Can You Buy?

Angie's List operates on a subscription-based model.  After signing up for a monthly subscription, you will have access to reviews so you can choose the best local services in your area.  In addition to having access to these reviews, membership also provides a range of other benefits.

The company operates a call center that members can call into whenever they need support for something.  They will also receive a subscription to the company's magazine.  Also, some of the best service companies that you're looking to use will provide you with discounts for being a member.

On the Angie's List website, you can also buy a gift membership to someone who would be interested in their service.  You have the option to print it out and have it physically mailed or to simply have it sent by email. 

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Payment and Returns

In order to get a subscription, you will need to use one of the four major credit cards.  They also accept Paypal.  For those willing to mail in their payments, they have the option to use a check or money order.

Customers can easily cancel their subscription at any time.  Just make sure to do it a few days in advance of the renewal date so you won't get charged still.

Customer Services

There is an email form on the website for contacting the company.  They can also be reached by calling (888) 888-5478.


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