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If you love jewelry, you already know that it can often be challenging to find high quality, unique pieces to add to your collection. This is even more of a daunting task when you are searching for these items as a gift. Luckily, James Avery has been meeting the high demands and high standards of customers around the world for many years. Primed with a James Avery coupon, these customers have access to some of the finest jewelry at some of the most affordable prices.

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About James Avery

James Avery first began in 1954 in a small two-car garage. At the time, Avery had only $250 in capital. Shortly after building a workbench and buying some hand tools and materials, James Avery began creating jewelry that would not only have meaning to him, but also to his customers. By 1957, he released his first Christian jewelry catalog which featured 39 handmade items. Later on, he hired his first employee to assist him with creating the fine pieces of jewelry that he offered. By 1965, the company had transformed into James Avery Craftsman, Inc., and only two years later, it would finally have headquarters built in the heart of Kerrvill, Texas. 

James Avery

Half a century later, James Avery has become a company that is renowned and respected for its high quality jewelry. People now order merchandise from James Avery from around the world and the name has become synonymous with beautiful, long lasting jewelry items that are cherished for many years to come. James Avery has offered over 1,100 designs and maintained over 14,000 separate jewelry items in its active product line to date. The company also features five manufacturing plants that are located throughout Texas.

If you’ve been searching for James Avery great deals or information on a James Avery discount code, you are certain to find the information that you seek here on Coupofy. Our detailed review about James Avery will prepare you with everything you need to know for your upcoming shopping experience and will ensure that you won’t miss out on any of the great bargains this jeweler offers.

Why Shop at James Avery?

If you have never shopped at James Avery before, you may be wondering what makes this jewelry store stand out from other jewelers you’ve encountered locally and online. James Avery is a fully family-owned company and has been offering the public beautifully handcrafted pieces for numerous years. The store offers a wide selection of designs in 14K and 18K yellow and white gold, sterling silver, and various gemstones. In addition, James Avery offers jewelry designs for both men and women.

James Avery is renowned as a vertically-integrated company. What this means is that the company is responsible for designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling its own products. In the brick and mortar stores throughout the country, James Avery is also responsible for handling photography, graphics, internal architecture and furnishings. When you purchase from James Avery, you have the assurance of knowing that everything is handcrafted and that this company is fully responsible for the quality that you are receiving. All of the items that you see available from James Avery are carefully created by talented artisans from Texas Hill Country.

Saving Money When Shopping at James Avery

While high quality jewelry is commonly associated with high prices, it doesn’t always have to be incredibly expensive. If you know how to shop carefully and take advantage of the deals that are available, you will find that your shopping experience at James Avery will become all the more affordable. First and foremost, always use a James Avery coupon when you are shopping because this is the top way to redeem savings and get the discounts that you want.

Another way that you can save money is to take advantage of unique discounts such as the James Avery military discount which is offered to active, reserve, and retired military personnel. Special offers such as the James Avery free bracelet promotion can also be useful because they provide you with an additional product for free, giving you more value for your purchase.

Always pay attention to the emails that you receive from the mailing list. While you will usually find some fairly common promotions and discounts, you won’t want to miss out on the James Avery $25 off coupon that becomes available sometimes. This is a great discount and can really save you money when you’re making your next purchase.

How to Get a James Avery Coupon

If you want to truly take advantage of James Avery deals, you need to have access to some of the numerous coupons James Avery provides. There are a few different ways that you can get coupons and each of them are fairly simple. The most popular option would be to join the company’s mailing list via email. By singing up, you will receive news and information about each James Avery sale and any available coupons. If you live near a James Avery store location, you may also receive some James Avery printable coupons that you can use when you shop locally. Signing up for the mailing list is highly recommended if you plan on doing a lot of shopping at this store in the future. It’s also a great way to ensure that you stay updated about the newest merchandise releases.

The next option that you can use to find a James Avery coupon is to follow the company on social media. James Avery has accounts on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. By following these accounts, you will receive instant notifications, which may sometimes include the occasional promo code James Avery posts from time to time. These types of promo codes can be useful because they are not always the same ones that are sent out in the mailing list. You may receive a higher discount or may get information about a sale that might not have been published elsewhere.

How to Use Your James Avery Coupon

Redeeming your coupons when you shop online with James Avery is quick and easy. All coupons will have their own unique James Avery promo code which you will use during the checkout process. When you have decided what you want to purchase and you have put it in your shopping cart, you can begin to checkout. When you are checking out, you will be asked information about where you want to ship your order to and how you are going to pay for it. At some point during this experience, you will also be prompted to provide your James Avery promotional code.

Usually, there’s a specific field or box where you should put your James Avery promo code. Apply the code to receive your discount instantly. If you don’t see any discount applied to your final total, it’s possible that the coupon has not be typed in correctly. Try typing the code into the appropriate area again and then applying it. If you don’t see a discount applied this time, you may need to use a different James Avery coupon.

Why Doesn’t My James Avery Promo Code Work?

If you’ve been trying to use your James Avery coupon and haven’t had any luck, there are a few reasons why it might not be working. The most common reason that coupons don’t work is because they’re expired. Coupons are only valid for specific periods of time and then they are replaced by other coupons. If you are using an old coupon code that you’ve found from months ago or even the previous year instead of James Avery promo code 2016, it likely won’t work. The best way to avoid this is to use the most current James Avery discount code that you can find. If you sign up for the company’s mailing list, you will receive coupons on a regular basis, so this problem shouldn’t happen to you too often.

Other times, the coupons might not work because you aren’t meeting the terms. If the coupon needs you to have a specific item in your cart or specific amount of items, then it won’t work until those terms are fulfilled. Always read the terms of the coupon before you try to use it so that you know exactly how to redeem the discount.

James Avery Shipping Information

James Avery offers a variety of shipping options to choose from including standard shipping, 2nd day shipping, and next day shipping. If you are near a James Avery retail store, you can also choose to place your order online and then pick it up at the store within 4 business hours. The prices for each shipping option will vary depending on what you select, but picking up at the store is always free.

If you are interested in waiving the cost of shipping for your items, it is possible to do so without using a James Avery free shipping code. If you want to qualify for free shipping, the total of your purchase must be greater than $100. This excludes taxes. At the moment, international orders are not eligible for shipping discounts or the free shipping promotion.

Please note that shipments are only able to be processed on weekdays. Any orders that have occurred on weekends will not be processed until the next business day. For orders with 2nd day or next day shipping, orders that are placed after 12 PM Central Time on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday are processed on Monday and then arrive on the next business day after shipping. Please note that on these same orders, any soldering or engraving will cause a delay in the delivery of your order. This delay may be up to three weeks for items that are in-stock.

Return Information

If for some reason you are not pleased with your order, you can return it in new condition with your receipt within 60 days for an exchange, refund, or a James Avery gift card. If you wait past the 60 days to make the return or you do not have a proof of purchase, items that are in the current line and in new condition will only be eligible for an exchange or a James Avery gift card. Any engraved or made-to-order items are not returnable.

Shopping at James Avery for Gifts

James Avery features many different jewelry designs to consider. While many designs are suitable for every day usage and wear, you will also find that the store has many designs that are more appropriate for special events and milestones. Jewelry can be engraved and personalized at your request, allowing you to find a truly memorable piece that will make a perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

As mentioned, James Avery is a great choice when you are shopping for gifts. But outside of buying jewelry directly for that loved one, there are always other options. If you don’t know the exact style of the jewelry that they like, you might want to consider giving them a James Avery $25 gift certificate or similar in a higher amount. Not only will this ensure that they can find something that they truly enjoy, but it will make the gift giving process much easier for you. If you want to help them save a little additional money on their purchase with the gift certificate, you can also send over a James Avery promotional code.

Start Shopping at James Avery Today!

Although there are numerous positive reviews about James Avery available online, the best way to understand the quality and beauty of the craftsmanship available is to experience for yourself. Spend some time browsing the website and finding items that match your style. You will find that there are truly countless options to choose from.

Once you’ve made your decision to make a purchase at James Avery, don’t forget to utilize all of the savings and bargains that are waiting for you. Check your email for the newsletter regularly so that you don’t miss out on what’s available. A carefully used James Avery coupon can help you to save a lot of money in the long run.

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