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Discount Dance Supply is a prominent supplier of dance items based in Anaheim, California.  They aim to provide any and everything dancers need to engage in their favorite hobby.  The company has a variety of retail locations located in California, and one location on the other side of the country in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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About Discount Dance

They aren't all about selling merchandise though.  Their website offers a community for dancers and teacher to connect with each other from all over.  Visitors can easily share their stories which can get posted on the blog for everyone to see.  They even sponsor a teacher's only Facebook club.

Discount Dance

Discount Dance Supply Website

One of the best things about the website found at is the fact that it's based on a community.  Dancers can easily find anything that they need ranging from shoes to tutus.  There are major categories on the website so you can easily find the items that you're looking for.

There are also sections broken down based on the type of dancing that you need supplies for.  Your possible options include cheerleading, gymnastics, and even ballroom dancing.

If you're a frequent customer, then signing up for the rewards program offered by the company is definitely a good idea.  You can earn rewards for all your purchases and end up getting free items after you accumulate enough. 

You don't even have to be a rewards program member to get free shipping on your order though.  You simply need to spend more than $75.

What Can You Buy?

There are many different dancing activities that require special types of merchandise.  No matter if you're on a hip-hop dance team or performing gymnastics, Discount Dance Supply aims to have what you need.

They have shoes, dresses, skirts, shorts, leggings, and leotards in their catalog.  Other items that you may be interested in include undergarments and unitards.  You can even buy a gift for someone else that's interested in a particular hobby.

Your particular class may require students to purchase specific items.  The website allows you to search for required class items by parameters such as class name, studio name, city, or state.

Make Savings At Discount Dance Supply With Coupofy Coupons

Dancing equipment doesn't have to be expensive, especially when you purchase them with special discount codes.  You can find these codes right here on the Coupofy Coupons website in a regularly updated list.  All of the links in the list are active and will take you right to the website, where your savings will be waiting for you upon checkout.

Payment and Returns

One of the easiest ways to pay for your purchase from Discount Dance Supply is to use a major credit card.  They accept those issued by American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.  You can also use Paypal and Amazon Payments for purchases.  Yet another payment option is to pay upon delivery, although you'll have to pay an additional $9 to take advantage of this option.  Those wishing to mail in their payment in the form of a check or money order can certainly do so.

Customer Services

If you happen to live in California or Pennsylvania, then you can stop in one of their stores if you need help with something.  All others can send the company an email using their online form.  The number to ask a general question is (800) 470-1664, while phone orders can be placed by calling (800) 328-7107.  These numbers are manned between 6am and 5pm PST between Monday through Friday, and between 7am and 3pm PST on Saturday.

Also, you can write to them at:

Discount Dance Supply

5065 E. Hunter Ave.

Anaheim, CA  92807


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