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Those in search of a custom gaming computer will likely end up considering an Alienware model.  The company sells customized notebooks, desktops, and PC gaming consoles.  It was founded by Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila in 1996, with their headquarters being established near Miami, Florida.

For those not familiar with the company, the name may seem strange.  It reportedly came about because the two founders were very fond of the X-files TV show.  This is the reason why their product lines have names such as Area-51 and Aurora.

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About Alienware

These days, Alienware has become a subsidiary of Dell Corporation, a deal that has been in place since 2006.  Alienware still operates its own website, but redirects customers back to the main Dell website.


Alienware Website

Consumers can find the official website at  The website design makes it extremely easy to find whatever it is that you're looking for.  If you're still having trouble though, you have the option to chat with an Alienware expert on the website.

The website also features a vast community that visitors can turn to for assistance as well.  This section has Alienware videos on a range of topics.  There is also an external link to their official profile where users can find even more videos.

Website visitors will also find a link to another site in their official network.  This particular site is called the Alienware Arena.  If you have one of their machines, then it's the perfect website for you.  It offers game content and tournaments for those who play games with their PCs.

Another notable area of the website that's worth visiting is the support section.  There, you will find gaming services that are offered by professional technicians.  The different services offered include game setup and customization, system performance optimization, and system repair. 

You can also learn more about the company by joining the official newsletter.  You will learn about their new product releases and are also sent promotional offers sometimes.

Alienware has become the goto brand for custom gaming computers.  There are different models to fit your gaming needs.  They offer notebook computers with different specifications and screen sizes.  There are also desktop machines if you're looking for even more power.  Each type of computer can be customized during the ordering process allowing customers to build machines that exactly fit their needs.

For the ultimate gaming experience, customers may want to check out the Alienware Alpha.  This combines the benefits of console and PC gaming to provide gamers with an incredible experience.  Since there's a packaged controller included, people who purchase this model can access thousands of Steam games with ease.

There is also a graphics amplifier for sale.  This graphics card will enhance the performance of the one already in your computer, whether it be a desktop or a notebook model.  This allows gamers to connect their machines to bigger screens for an even more enjoyable experience.

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Payment Methods

You will need to pay for your order using a major credit card or a bank account draft.  There is also the option to apply for credit terms through obtaining a Dell Preferred account

Shipping Options

You chose the shipping method (Next Business Day, 3-5 Business Days, etc.) at the time that you Placed your order.

Return Policy

If you want to return merchandise that you've purchased from Alienware, then you have 21 days to do so.  You will just need to pay for shipping and handling.


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