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The Medial Times Dinner and Tournament merchant represents a family dinner theatre, which features a wide variety of staged medical-style games, such as sword fighting, and jousting, carried out by a large cast. For those who are interested, the cast consists of around 75 actors and 20 horses in each location. At this moment in time, the theatre-restaurant has a couple of locations, each being housed In replicas of 11-th century castles, thus granting them the look and feel of medieval times, which people can get to experience when they dine in any of the currently available locations. The only exception is the Toronto location, which is currently houses in a Beaux-Arts structure that was build back in the year of 1912.

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About Medieval Times

Medieval Times Entertainment, the holding company for the nine different locations of the theatre is currently headquartered over in Irving, Texas. The company was started out a couple of years ago, and during the time that has passed, they have managed to encouraged thousands of people from all around the United States and Canada to come and join them to experience the thrill of medieval times.

Medieval Times

What are the services which are currently being offered by Medieval Times?

As you might already expect from the earlier description, Medieval Times offers two main services, these being entertainment and dining. However, the main purpose of the company is to offer both services at the same time. With this in mind, Medieval Times’ guests can go ahead and feast on a wide variety of products, including tomato bisque soup, garlic bread, sweet buttered corn, roasted chicken, basted potatoes, coffee, and two rounds of drinks.  Adult guests who would like to have something more to drink can also take advantage of the full-service bar, currently offered. In case you might happen to be a vegetarian, keep in mind the fact that vegetarian meals are also available if requested before the reservation time.

In terms of their entertainment choices, the restaurant has a couple of shows, each being structured in such a way that they are entertaining, and sure to leave guests feel like they’re living in the medieval times, and assisting to an actual sword battle.

How do I make a reservation? Are they needed for joining?

At this moment in time, due to the large number of guests attending the theatre’s shows, and dining in the restaurant, it’s strongly recommended that you make a reservation, to ensure that you can find a seat once you reach the venue. With this in mind, to make the process of booking the tickets easier, the store offers an online ticketing platform which you can use in order to view the current show times, but also purchase tickets, and enhanced packages. Please keep in mind the fact that tickets can also be purchased via phone, by calling the customer support team.

What payment methods are currently accepted by the merchant?

Making a reservation will also require you to pay the ticket price. Just like many other venues, Medieval Times offers a couple of payment methods, including most major credit and debit cards, such as Visa, American Express, Discover and Master Card. Together with this, Traveler’s Checks are also accepted as a way of paying for your reservation.

Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend the venue?

Unfortunately, at this moment in time, it’s important to note that once made and confirmed, the booking is final and cannot be reversed. If you happen to encounter any issues once you are at the location, simply address your questions to the staff, which will help you out, and make sure that you have a lovely evening, and enjoy the show.


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