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1 Deals Redeemed Today is an online intermediary that allows a range of care providers to promote their services to customers, who can arrange and pay for care on the site. It was founded by entrepreneur Sheila Lirio Marcelo after she found it increasingly difficult to find care for her own children and then subsequently her sick father. Parlaying her experience at college savings site Upromise, she launched in May 2007, catering to child care, senior care, pets, and tutoring.

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Today the site also supports housekeeping, special needs care, and other services.  The site has 9.7 million registered users from countries all over the world. The company is publicly traded as of 2014, with revenue of $59 million.

It is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, and hundreds of employees work on the technical and support side of the business.

Want to save on your membership to Coupofy Coupons can help. Whenever there are new coupons or discounts we will update out dedicated Care page. All you have to do is click on one, and you will be redirected to the site. Sells is the main hub where all of the business takes place. Depending on your location you will want to choose the correct country at the bottom of the page. This allows you to find caregivers in your local area. Localized sites include the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

The site is simply laid out with the available categories at the top, including Childcare, Tutoring (educational), Special Needs Care,  Elderly Care, Pet Care, and House & Garden (cleaning and gardening). These are all then sorted in to further categories.

An easy way to find care in your local area is to use the search function. You choose the type of care you need from the dropdown menu and the enter your city or postcode. works similarly to job posting or freelancing websites. If you are looking for care you need to register with your personal details and you then have the ability to post jobs based on certain requirements. This is where you outline what you need from a caregiver, such as the type of care, frequency, budget etc.

Carers who have signed up to the system will then be able to find your job when searching. Meanwhile you can search and browse the profiles of individual carers that meet your requirements and you can contact them about your job directly.

Using a coupon can get you money off your subscription or even a whole free month. 

Payment Methods

To pay for a caregiver you must use the online Payment Center and use a credit or debit card. This will be a one off payment. If you believe you will need care regularly you can also sign up to the HomePay system to make recurring payments.

If you are redeeming coupons (such as 50% off) the box to paste the code is just before the payment step.

Shipping Options

If both parties are interested you then enter an interview phase, which can be done via a messaging system or by phone.

Everything is then finalized through the site. After a success or failure you can publicly review your experience.

There are lots of handy tools like a babysitting rate calculator, and if you become a paid member you get access to background checks and other features.

Return Policy

If you have had a bad experience you must seek a resolution with the caregiver themselves, as positions itself as an intermediary.


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