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Studio Movie Grill, also known by the name of SMG, is a popular American movie theatre, where customers can go and enjoy a great film, alongside with food and drinks as well, to make the experience more enjoyable from all the points of view. With this in mind, the cinema combines first-run popular movies, together with family and alternate programming, while also offering in-theatre dining, provided with the help of an extensive American Grill menu that people can take advantage of. What makes the cinema special is also the excellent customer experience, as users can go ahead and order directly from their cinema seats, and have food and drinks delivered to them both before and during the film.

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About Studio Movie Grill

At this moment in time, the cinema provides four different types of seating that users can choose from, for the perfect experience. Please do keep in mind the fact that the seating options are not available at all locations. The Table A and B seats are designed as desk style chairs, which offer users the possibility to adjust height and mobility. These seats have individual tables, which cannot be shared. Counter-top seats are also available, and these share a common table. The cinemas also have lounge-style chairs, with expansive seating area. For some chairs, you can also go ahead and power recline or incline your chair, thus making the experience better, and providing an exceptional movie viewing and dining experience.

Studio Movie Grill

In terms of the food and drinks, the extensive American Grill menu has dishes, prepared on the spot, which can suit just about any taste. From water to sodas, and cocktails, the bar also has them all. Certain desserts are also available, so if you’d like to satisfy your sweet tooth, rest assured as the menu offers some good choices.

How can reservations be made?

It’s important to keep in mind the fact that ticketing is currently available on the internet, at the theatre kiosk, or at the Box Office. At this moment in time, it’s important to note the fact that SMG does not sell tickets via phone. The best choice to consider when it comes down to purchasing your tickets or making a reservation is to do so online, as it can save you lots of time, while also ensuring that you’ll get a seat in case a popular movie is premiering at the cinema. When it comes down to buying the tickets online, you can go directly to their site, and then proceed to select the movie that you would like to see. Select your location, date and time, and then proceed to select the ticket type that you’d like to purchase. Once you have done so, you can go ahead and select the seats. A confirmation number will be received once the reservation has been made, which can be used to print the tickets at the Box Office, or at the kiosks which are located in the DMG lobby.

How can I pay?

DMG offers you the possibility to pay via most major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. In case you would like to purchase your tickets directly from the kiosks located in the lobby, you will also be able to use cash to pay for your tickets, which is great news. Discount coupons can also be entered when making an online reservation, as these will be able to save you a good sum of money.

There are also lots of Studio Movie Grill coupons being offered, most of which can definitely save you a good amount of money. Additionally, the Studio Movie Grill coupons can also grant you free seats.

Can refunds be made if I can no longer attend?

In the unfortunate case that you can no longer honour your reservation, you will be able to have your tickets refunded or exchanged up to 1 hour before your movie begins. Do keep in mind that tickets that have been purchased from third party providers can only be exchanged for another movie, and that refunds cannot be granted for those. The same one hour period is available here as well.

In case you happen to have any questions, simply contact the customer support team of the company, and they’ll gladly help you out with any additional questions that you might turn out to have. 


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