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Pingo is a supplier of international prepaid calling cards, based out of Burlington, Massachusetts, United States, and with offices in Europe, Russia, South Africa, and Hong Kong. The company operates as a subsidiary of iBasis, which in turn is owned by KPN International, a long distance phone call carrier.

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About Pingo

Pingo operates mainly as an online business, which you can find at Here you can open an account and buy callings cards from and to most countries in the world. The company was founded in 2004 and has quickly risen to one of the leading calling card providers thanks to their competitive pricing and customer support. Today they deliver a staggering 2.0 billion international minutes a month.


If you want to make savings on your international calls through the service check out our Pingo coupons, which you can redeem on the website for various Pingo deals.

Pingo Sells

Pingo's international calling cards are available from and to the majority of countries across the world. All you have to do is select your location and where you want to call using the drop down boxes on the home page and then choose one of the plans. These include a Pay As You Go "Premium" plan that costs 3.8 cents a minute, "Platinum" that starts at $0.98 a month and 1.75 cents a minute, "Diamond" that starts at $1.98 a month and 1.5 cents a minute, and "Mega" which starts at $2.98 a month and 1 cent per minute. There are also special plans for business customers.

Once you've signed up you are given an access number and pin number. You call this number, enter your pin and then enter the number you wish to call, and you will then be connected through your calling card plan.

When you sign up today you get a $10 free bonus. For up to date offers and deals be sure to checkout our Pingo coupons list.

Payment Methods

Pingo accept all major US and international credit cards for payment on the website, including Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover. You can also easily check out with your Pyapal account.

Any Pingo coupons or Pingo promo codes can be entered in to the promo box before payment.

Shipping Options

Although they sell calling cards, in today's world these are delivered digitally and there is no need to ship physical cards any more. In light of this customers who sign up to the service will have full access to their minutes, billing and other information from the online account, and will also be sent emails to the address they used to sign up.

Return Policy

If you contact Pingo customer support within 2 days of buying a plan they will consider refunding you as a gesture of goodwill, though they are not obliged to do so. You are of course free to cancel a plan at any time before the next billing cycle. In some cases they offer a Pingo trial card code whichyou can redeem to test the service.


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