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With the emergence of Pandora, users no longer have to listen to the radio or purchase music to listen to their favorite tunes. Although the service is free to use, you have the option of paying for premium service so you don't have to listen to ads and commercials. You can save money when purchasing premium service by using Pandora coupons that are freely available on the Internet.

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About Pandora

Although the service is most commonly referred to as simply Pandora, its official name is Pandora Internet Radio. The popular streaming service also produces recommendations to listeners, a feature that's powered by the Music Genome Project. This project categorizes music based on hundreds on specific attributes and includes five genomes including world music, classical, jazz, hip-hop/electronica, and pop/rock.


Customers will find a range of convenient listening options from the website. Upon listening to songs, other music recommendations will be made, especially when you indicate that you like or dislike a particular track.

While listening to music, the service displays plenty of information about the artist behind the song. If you particularly like it, you'll have the option to buy that song or even the whole album from one of several online retailers.

A Look at the Pandora Service

You have two options if you want to listen to the music service. If you choose the free option, then your listening will periodically be interrupted by advertisements. If you don't want to deal with them, then you can pay a monthly fee. This will be reduced if you use a Pandora Radio promotion when purchasing.

In the past, those who made use of the free service were limited to listening to music for a maximum of 40 hours each month. Obviously, this wasn't a popular move with the general public, prompting the company to remove the restriction in September of 2013.

Use a Pandora Radio Discount to Save Money

If you've never tried the service before, then you can take advantage of a free trial for Pandora One, without having to worry about paying ads during the limited time. If you want to purchase the full service, then you can use a discount to get it for just $4.99 each month. You also have the option to purchase a gift subscription for someone else who would enjoy using the service. Past promos have offered gift subscription purchases for $30 for a 6-month period.

The Official Pandora Website

The official website is located at If you don't have an account, then you will be prompted to create one for free whenever you land on the main page. After logging in, you can save particular stations that you like listening to for future use. You can access your account a variety of ways.

You have the option to listen from your desktop or laptop computer. Mobile listening with various devices is also supported. Of course, they offer support for iOS and Android users. However, those who use certain Blackberry and Windows clients may also be able to find a supported app in their specific app store.

Listen to Music Your Way

With this streaming music service, you no longer have to wait to hear some of your favorite tunes. If you don't like most of the songs that one station is playing, then you can simply create your own.

When listening to music, listeners can simply hit the thumbs up button to like a track or thumb it down to dislike it. If you like a track, then the service will recommend other tracks that share some of the same attributes as the original. Songs that are disliked and others like them will be taken out of your rotation.


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