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Paint Nite helps people combine two of their favorite hobbies in a very creative way.  If you like to drink socially and appreciate art, then you'll love what the company is all about.  They provide people with a place to enjoy both activities at once.

With the aid of an instructor, people will come together for an event and create their own masterpieces.  While making this art, they will be provided with cocktails to pass the night away.  Pubs are usually the site of these events, especially on nights that they would otherwise be slow.  The services provided by Paint Nite make a great way for people to socialize.

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About Paint Nite

Their events typically last for two hours and include just a couple dozen people.  A master artist from the local area helps guide them along from the time they put the brush to the blank canvas.

Paint Nite Website

The official website can be found at  They offer events all the time and you can easily find one that you're interested in attending.  All you have to do is visit the calendar section on the website.  Visitors can search by location, date, or artist name and be provided with details such as the host name and physical address of the event.

Paint Nite

The events held by Paint Nite are designed to be memorable.  They take photos while there and load them on their Facebook page.  If you attend you never know if you could be included up there.

If you own a venue yourself, then you could consider forming a partnership with the company.  There are already hundreds of bar owners who have made the decision to do so.  As mentioned, the events usually take place on nights when not many customers would otherwise be there.  It's a great opportunity for bar owners to get their name out there as well.  Simply apply on the website.

If you're a member of a group, then you may want to participate in a group event.  You can get a discount of up to 25% by doing so.  If you don't want to hold it at one of their regular places, then you can hold it anywhere else suitable that you desire.

Paint Nite Sells

Paint Nite has just a few pieces of merchandise available for sale on their website.  There are ladies tank tops and aprons.  You can also purchase a event ticket to provide to someone else who you think would be interested in attending.

If you're a charitable person, then you can also use their services to help raise money.  You can customize the event to suit your needs.  Not only can you choose where the fundraising event will be held, but you can also choose the type of painting that will be done too.  You'll just need to round up a minimum of 35 people in order to hold one of these events though.

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Payment Methods

The particular method that you can use to pay will depend on the particular venue in which the event is held.  Most will accept cash, while some others will accept payment via a credit card.

Return Policy

If you want to cancel your reservation, then it's important that you do so 48 hours before the event.


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