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Quitting smoking is often quite hard, but a good way to go about it is to smoke electronic cigarettes. Together with this, these are also much healthier, and also do not carry some of the unpleasant effects that smoking does, such as the smell, or the unpleasant smoke. Njoy probably is one of the most popular retailers of E-cigarettes and vaping liquid. 

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About NJOY

NJOY Sells

NJOY is committed to sell 100% the world's best non-tobacco electronic smoking products like

  • Kings,Flavor Chambers,Recharge Kits,Vaping E-Liquids
  • Vaping Kits.from our NJOY products We are respectful of our adult customers.We are passionate about understanding and satisfying our customers' needs.


Payment Methods

At this moment in time, those who choose to buy a product from this online store payment via Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. 

Shipping Options

At this moment in time, anyone who would like to purchase one or more products from this site will have them delivered for free via Standard Ground Shipping. Users have the choice to pick other shipping methods, but these will be available at a certain fee only. 

Return Policy

Like many other online stores, this one also has a return policy. Items can be returned within 60 days of the purchase date for various reasons, and once a warranty claim has been issued. Keep in mind the fact that the shop offers warranty of one year for all of the products that they market together with 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


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