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Founded in 2002, Gamefly is an online American video game company whose line of business involves renting games to subscribers. The company was founded by three partners namely Toby Lenk, Sean Spector and Jung Suh. It is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with most of its global operations being conducted online. Since its inception, Gamefly has grown to become a giant in the gaming industry and can be seen as the gaming equivalent of Netflix.

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About GameFly

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As part of its growth strategy, Gamefly is known to acquire other related companies. For instance in February 2009, they bought out Shacknews, a gaming news and community site. Two years later, Gamefly acquired MobyGames in a deal that heralded its lobby for an initial public offer. However, the IPO never happened and as of today, the company still remains a private entity.


Gamefly rigorous investment in research and development has seen it develop more than 8000 titles for rent hence increasing its market share to include more than 334000 loyal monthly subscribers. Gamefly prides itself of having the best selection of video games for systems such as Xbox 360, Xbox1, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3Ds, Wii U, among others.

GameFly Sells

At Gamefly, you can subscribe for your favorite games at a minimal fee of $15.95 per month for one game or $22.95 for two games. Gamefly allows you to create a list of your favorite games at “My game” where you can check up to two games at a time and send them back when you are done for the next pick in your "GameQ" to be sent to you.

Most major titles are available for current and last gen consoles, including the Xbox One and 360, PlayStation 4 and PS3, PS Vita, Wii & Wii U, 3DS & DS, and others. You can also rent DVD and Blu-Ray movies in all genres.

From time to time they will run free trials and discounts on your subscription. We list all of the latest GameFly coupon codes here at coupofy, which can be redeemed just before payment.

Payment Methods

GameFly currently accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express cards as methods of payment. You may also use a debit card, as long as it has a Visa or MasterCard logo. Paypal is not currently accepted. GameFly Coupons are entered in to the promo box just prior to payment.

Shipping Options

All game rentals at GameFly are shipped free or charge and include a prepaid return package. 

Return Policy

In case you are not satisfied with Gamefly services, you can easily cancel your membership either online or by phone. It is good to note that once your membership is canceled, you cannot access your account. However, GameQ will be saved for one year so that if you decide to reactivate your account, you can continue from where you left.

After cancellation you will still be able to enjoy the benefits of the current billing cycle.


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