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Pet owners looking to save money when purchasing pet supplies commonly turn to Drs. Foster and Smith. The company allows you to order a wide range of supplies and medications, both prescription and non-prescription, without having to go through their vets and deal with higher costs. Your orders will be even lower if you use Drs. Foster and Smith coupons.

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About Drs Foster and Smith

Drs. Foster and Smith started out operating veterinary clinics in the Midwest together. In an effort to supplement their income, the two started a newsletter catering to those seeking veterinary advice. After increasing their roster of members, they eventually added an order sheet to the end of the newsletter giving members the ability to order products from their catalog.

Drs Foster and Smith

After seeing a small sample of success, the company started advertising their newsletter and catalog business. The business really started expanding in the early 1990s as they built a large headquarters that also housed a warehouse, distribution center, call center, and offices. They also started producing pet care products under their own label around this time.

Soon after, they launched their website to increase sales from the catalog. The company mainly focused on selling dog and cat supplies. However, this changed in 2001 with their acquisition of the Pet Warehouse. This purchase allowed them to expand their catalog to include supplies for other pets such as birds, reptiles, and other small pets.

Selling products isn't the only focus of the company. They also have a strong desire to educate their customers on proper pet care.

Using Drs. Foster and Smith Discount Codes

The company aims to offer its customers low prices on all of its merchandise, but you can still save by using coupons. They offer special deals on specific products such as $20 off a kitty condo or 20% off certain dog chew toys.

What They Sell

The Drs. Foster and Smith pharmacy sells all of the medications a pet owner could need to help fight an illness or stay healthy. For dogs and cats, they offer medications, collars, beds, and other supplies that you need to care for them.

The fish category also provides everything you need to care for them and their environment. This includes products for the tank like thermometers, filters, lighting, air pumps, and things to control the water quality. The other categories of products offered include birds, ferrets, reptiles, horses, and other small pets.

The Official Website

The official website is located at drsfostersmith.com. Customers can go there to shop all of the many items in the company's catalog. Everything is in its own category, so you simply need to select the type of animal you're shopping for to be presented with a range of your choices. If you are near Rhinelander, Wisconsin, then you can also visit their retail outlet.

While you're on their website, it's well worth your time to visit their pet care blog. It contains articles on many different topics that will help increase your knowledge of proper pet care. For example, one of their latest articles focuses on providing tips for people who are considering adopting senior pets.

Once you're on the website, you'll also have the opportunity to sign up for their official newsletter. If you want to get special deals such as Drs. Foster and Smith coupons for free shipping, then you should definitely join as they send them out to members on a regular basis.

Another way to stay on top of deals that the company is offering is to join them on social media. They are actively engaged with their community of fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.


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