5 Things You Should Never Wear During Yoga

5 Things You Should Never Wear During Yoga

What's the one thing that gives you anxiety about going to the gym? Easy, I bet it's having other people look at you. Looking at you and judging you. "Gah, could that guy sweat anymore?!" "Those Umbro shorts have to be at least 15 years old" and "How many times do you think those sweats have gone through the washer, you can practically see through them!".  

You catch my drift.

Even though most gym rats are too busy grunting, lifting weights and pounding on the treadmill to notice what you're wearing, there is still going to be the worry. And even though you're walking into a dimly lit yoga studio, people will still notice what you're wearing, or not wearing. Luckily, we have partner up with Epic Sports which is a retailer of sporting goods. You can follow the tips below and at the same time save some by using our coupon for Epic Sports

However do not be discouraged my fellow yogis, because it's not what you wear, it's how what you wear fits your body. There isn't one outfit solution for everyone but here are a few tips to consider before entering the yoga studio. 


1. Don't Wear Shorts 

Men and women alike. Just don't do it. Yeah, it gets hot in those yoga rooms, but just don't. That's why yogis and clothing designers have created the ever-popular yoga pant. And honestly, even if you've never gone to a yoga class and you don't own a pair by now, you've been living under a rock. The basic gist here is that no one laying down on the mat wants to see what you have to offer (bright pink granny panties or heaven forbid, your crack). So save yourself the embarrassment of flashing the entire class. Do I even need to explain why men shouldn't wear shorts...I didn't think so. 

Suggestion: Go for a nice yoga pant - they can even be calf length. Price ranges vary so you won't have a hard time finding a great pair. Don't go super cheap though because they'll pill and/or become thin and see-through (which defeats the purpose and you should just wear your shorts). Great coverage is what it's all about. You don't want everything falling out. Lock it up folks. 

For those men out there, tossing a pair of bike shorts under traditional gym shorts should do the trick.


2. Loose T-Shirts and Tank Tops

This may need a little more explanation that aforementioned shorts. If you're not familiar with the standard practice of yoga, there is a lot of up and down. Right side up and upside down movements. It's a huge pain in the ass to constantly be adjusting your top. Whether you're pulling it down, tucking it into your pants, using your hair tie to make it tighter or pulling it off your head, these movements will most definitely break your concentration and end up causing annoyance. 

Suggestion: Wear a snug-fitting tank - these things stay put no matter what moves you're doing. Or, if you don't feel comfortable going tight, you can still wear a loose fitting tank, but look for tops that gather at the waist like this one. 


3. Avoid Cotton

One would think this fabric wouldn't be an issue. But trust me, it is. In yoga, you'll sweat in places you never knew you could sweat. And when your neighbor is literally 12 inches from you and your mat...getting that picture again?

Stick with lycra, spandex, nylon, etc. They’ve come out with really awesome fabrics that wick away sweat. 

While we're chatting about sweat, bring something for your hair. If you come straight to a class from a blowout appointment - well good luck. Your hair will be flipping from one side to the next, front and back and everywhere in between. Do yourself a favor and pull it up instead of messing with it the entire class. Suggestion: These hair ties are fantastic because they don't leave a crease in your hair. You could also try a bandana or similar headband to keep flyaways out of your eyes.  


4. Forget Inappropriate Sports Bras

A nice full coverage sports bra will do the trick. Because you know.. All the downward dogs and inversions and other crazy poses can make our breasts pop up if you don’t wear something appropriate to the class. Another additional suggestion: make sure the straps aren’t too loose. Before purchasing one, try it on at the store. Best test - bend over! It's so easy. Make sure the girls stay in place. I personally like the sports bra/loose tank top combination. You get the coverage but a cool and breezy tank to cover up with.


5. Avoid Items That Are TOO Tight

Now I know at first glance, this goes against what I've mentioned above. However hear me out. Yoga is about your breath and breathing correctly. You certainly do not want to show up to class wearing something you can hardly breathe in! Being able to breathe deeply can help you relax and will improve your practice. Also, if your pants are too tight, think about how embarrassing it would be to split your pants. (I have been in a class when this happened to a gentleman. He was mortified and we all lost our focus)

Suggestion: Don't just go for the Small, Medium or Large bras. Take a look at bras that take into consideration your cup and chest size. Check out these sports bras, they are amazing. They offer great support and are true to size by offering clasps in the back for various chest sizes.

Not all yoga pants have to cut circulation. There is low waisted and high waisted, cropped and ankle length, boot cut, relaxed fit…I’m starting to feel like I work for GAP. But really, it’s not one size fits all!


The important thing to take away here is that it’s not about what you wear to a class, it’s how you wear it. Yoga is about feeling comfortable where you are at the moment and pushing out all anxieties. Find your comfy yoga clothes on ebay and to get the most out of it, use our coupon for ebay. Hopefully, now you’re prepared to take on that crow pose you’ve been practicing.

Jun 21, 2016