Make Way for The National Bargain Hunting Week

There is nothing more thrilling and psychologically arousing than a shopping spree; well, except shopping on a discount. Do you ever walk into a store and wish you could get everything on the counters, but your money can only stretch so far? Thanks to Debbie Keri-Brown, every first week of August presents the National Bargain Hunting Week. She started it in 1996 with an aim to help shoppers get more value for their money and to give thrifty shoppers a reason to proudly call themselves wise-spenders. If anything sounds better than that, we don’t know what it is. 

Most people develop bargaining skills over time. You may find out that your friend spent $10 more on that sweater than your friend did. Instead of feeling cheated, accompany her to the mall on her next shopping spree and see how she does it. Most of these tricks are learned through patience and lots of practice. 


Once you have learned from the best, apply the following general skills and charm your way to your first handsome bargain:  

  • Be friendly-One of the best ways to establish a rapport with someone is to engage them in conversation. Do not just ask them about the product you are about to buy; get a bit personal with them. If they are willing to talk about their family, let them. Nice you have broken the ice and established a friendly zone, throw in the price that you would wish to buy the product. The seller will be more amiable.  
  • Know the prices for the items that you want-Do your survey and have the prices beforehand. With this information, you will have an upper hand during the negotiation. At the shop, let the seller mention their price and work with it. Since you have already confirmed the prices in other establishments, you will already know what the best price would be. If the seller does not budge, there’s no harm in walking away. Most sellers will call you when you start to walk away.  
  • Take a peek-If you buy from a crowded shop, your chances of bagging a real bargain are lower than they would had you shopped in one that is less crowded. The psychology behind this is that; being their only customer, the seller at the scarcely populated store is more likely to meet you halfway on the price.

Tips on getting the best for your electronic and clothes

  • Factory refurbs-If you are looking to invest in new appliances and electronics, you could consider other options. A refurbished computer, for instance, could serve you as well as a new one. Refurbished computers and other electronics are not necessarily out of order. In most cases, they are those electronics that were returned by the customer for minor shortcomings such as scratches. These appliances are in excellent shape if you are willing to overlook the scratch.
  • Buy used-It could be a used car or used clothing. As with refurbs, these items are only sold in their near-new conditions, and the seller will be sure to only put out the best out there. There is no longer stigma associated with buying used clothes. Evidently, the consignment and resale shops have grown over the past few years as more people are embracing the trend. That cashmere sweater and leather boots could be within closer reach than you imagined.
  • Mark the season-When it comes to shopping for clothes, prices switch at the change of every season. If you are shopping for winter, do your shopping in January.
  • The sale season-Every clothing store has a sales cycle when it gets rid of the older stock to create space for the new items. If you regularly check in with them, you will be in the know when they need to restock, and hence be in a potion to take advantage of their sale period.
  • Stay away from the trends-Some people may frown upon this, but what is ‘in’ is not automatically right for you. Instead of going for items that are only hot for the season, shop for timeless pieces. Also, pricier pieces are made from a more superior quality of material and hence last longer than the cheaper options. When you’re thinking long-term, you may want to splurge a little. It is worth it.
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Grocery Shopping

  • When buying non-perishable items, buy them in bulk. Most stores give discounts on bulk purchases where you buy one and get another item for free or at a discounted price.
  • Gather your friends for your grocery shopping-If you do not need to get a lot of things all at once; you could combine forces with your friends to improve your chances of getting a good bargain.
  • Sign up for loyalty programs that you can redeem once in a while. While at it, gather as many coupons as you can find and make use of them. Your coupons could go even further if you used them on items that are highly discounted.
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While Traveling

  • Skip the markets jammed with tourists. The souvenirs they sell are overpriced. Visit the stores where locals frequent and if possible, have a local help with the bargaining.
  • Book your tickets way ahead of your planned travel time. If you book a month before your travel date, the air tickets are bound to be cheaper.   
  • Ensure that the credit card company does not charge you for your foreign transactions. There are several companies offering travel cards. Choose one that has the most attractive packages. Also, while traveling internationally, gather points from the travel card. Those points could get you a free flight.  ‚Äč

Whether you are a regular traveler or a stay-at-home mom who needs to get the most value out of your money, some good bargains could come in handy. There are several ways to ensure that your money stretches a little longer, but the first instinct is always to be on the look-out for saving tips. Note the prices of items as you buy them and compare them with several other stores. And finally, make use of the mobile apps available that help you compare prices from stores near you. Meanwhile, save more and have fun during this year’s National Bargain Hunting Week. And don't forget to check coupons and deals on our site as well! They last longer than only this week and help you save any time you need.

Aug 1, 2016