Gifts for Women on Women’s Friendship Day

If you want to please a woman, give her a gift she can treasure. However, finding gifts for women could be tricky because not every gift will keep her heart warm. A unique present that will see her face light up as you hand it is the way to go. Forget about the old cards and bars of chocolate. Well, they are still a treasure to many, but you can do better than this.

September 18th is the woman’s friendship day. This is the time to please your women! girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, grandmother, boss, colleague and any other important woman figure in your life.  A coffee shop gift card or a fussy candle is incredible, but we have been there and times and seasons have changed. Aim at scoring higher points by giving her something she will cherish for years. To make the hustle easier for you below is a compiled list of unique and unexpected gift ideas for your women best friends as well as suggestions on where to find them.

Personalized Throw Pillow

If you are uncertain what to gift your mother on September 18th, then worry no more. Get these throw pillows from Zazzle and compliment her living room with attractive pillows. Besides the high-quality material used in the making of the soft pillows, they are customized with a sweet message to your mother or grandmother. The letters are Cali graphed, and the overall look is enhanced by the surrounding woodland florals, twigs, and greenery. No better way to celebrate your mother, than gifting her a pillow that will always remind her of you anytime she hugs it for a relaxed daytime nap.

An attractive Watch Cum Bracelet

Gone are the days watches were only used to show time. Today, they are both a time-teller and jewelry. In women, watches actually act as a bracelet. If you want a versatile watch with a modern design for any of your most important women in life, then this Shanola watch from Neiman Marcus should be your ultimate choice. The rose golden finish gives it a feminine touch, and the two-tone strap makes it adopt the look of a unique bracelet.

A Unique Note Planner Book

A big idea comes and goes in minutes. Help her document any worthy idea, quote or important dates by gifting her a classy notebook. Well, a notebook can be readily purchased in any supermarket and bookstore. What makes a difference here is the personalized details and the unique aspect in the notebook you will present to her. From a cover page with memorable pictures of both of you, florals or even inspiration from her best hobby. Have a look at some of these unique designs from Shutterfly.

Customized iPhone Case

With the current zeal in technology, smartphones have become a must have for most people. Among all the smart gadgets, however, women seem to have an adoration for iPhones- probably because of the cool features they come with. Why not show how much you cherish her by gifting her a unique yet fun iPhone case to prevent the treasured gadget from dropping and breaking into pieces. In fact, you can have it customized to your liking or better still choose some of the varieties on zazzle 

Ball-Stem Martini Glasses 

These glasses are a worthy gift for any woman figure. They are especially a treasure for those who love handcrafted items. Besides a unique design, the Martini glasses from Neiman Marcus are created with a rhinestone accent that makes them even more attractive. It gets better since you can select your choice from the two color options available; metallic gray and gold.

The impressive Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Women love smelling sweet. Why not show that you admire the sweet fragrance on them by adding a bottle of an irresistible perfume or cologne on their dressing table. Although different women prefer varied choices for their perfumes, you can never go wrong with Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. The company behind this charming fragrance was founded in 1946 and since then, they have worked hard to create products that leave every woman feeling sophisticated and elegant. So, if you want a captivating gift for your flirtatious girlfriend, then this blend of Sicilian Orange Essence is the way to go. Don't forget to check out our coupon code and deals for Neiman Marcus

Reusable Shopping Bag

Ever since your young years, you must have realized the obsession your grandma and mother had in shopping. It has not changed any bit to date. They love frequenting the market and other stores for shopping sprees. Help her stand out among other women by gifting her a  reusable shopping bag from Shutterfly. The best thing is that there are a variety of designs to choose from, and better still you can create your own. 

Mind Boggling Puzzles

The old and the young love playing games. It’s even funnier if the activity inspires them. Just imagine using a favorite photo of you and your mother, wife, girlfriend, grandmother or sister to create a puzzle. Figure out the fun involved as she tries to join all the pieces to reveal the actual picture. It’s definitely a gift that will make it to her keepsakes. Have a look at some inspirations from Shutterfly here

A Sexy and Elegant Robe

It’s often said that there is power in what you wear. In women, the meaning is well embraced as they always look forward to rock charming clothing. Forget a sexy dress or six-inch heels, gift her a comfortable robe this woman’s friendship day. The short and sexy silk beige robe from Neiman Marcus is made in a way to make every woman feel comfortable yet have her beautiful legs and neckline revealed. Be assured that you can never go wrong with this robe as a gift for your wife or girlfriend.

A Seasonless Scarf

Although scarfs have been around for years, they are one of the accessories that never grow old. They not only complete the overall look of the wearer, but they also take part in accelerating one’s confidence. However, the best scarf to gift your loved one needs to be made of seasonless fabric weight. That is why a woven Ombre Giant scarf that you can find in Neiman Marcus is a great accessory. It’s long length further adds an advantage to versatile use especially for women who love rocking it in a variety of styles. 

You are now officially a friend who is fully informed with gifts for women. Any of the above gift ideas are a sure way to keep your women best friends feel cherished this Woman’s friendship day. However, it is important to learn your target friend and identify what they seem to love most. Lest, you gift them an item that won’t tickle them one bit. Meanwhile, get ready for shopping since September 18th is a few days away. Above all, make good use of our Coupon Deals to acquire your intended gifts at amazingly slashed prices.  

Sep 13, 2016