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Clinique Laboratories is responsible for highly popular cosmetics and skincare products.  The brand name formed in 1968 and owned by the famous Estee Lauder Corporation.  They made history back then as one of the first skincare products that was not only tested for allergies, but also dermatologist-approved.

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About Clinique

The unique Clinique method involves three major steps to caring for your skin properly.  They believe in cleansing the skin thoroughly, applying skin toner, then finally moisturizing the skin adequately.  Their products can be found behind countertops at many major department stores around the country.


Clinique Website

Browsing the website is very straightforward.  You should be able to find everything quite easily.  Products are broken down into suitable categories such as skin care, fragrance, and makeup.  There is even a section specifically for men.

The company knows that using the best products isn't enough to have great skin.  You have to know how to use them and care for your skin in other ways too.  There are tons of helpful articles and videos available on the website for anyone who is interested.

what Can You Buy?

The Clinique brand is unique in the fact that it doesn't produce skincare products targeted to the market as a whole.  Instead, it's mission is to target each individual based on their specific characteristics.

Their makeup and skincare products are categorized by skin type or health condition.  For example, those who have dry skin will need a different type of product than someone who has to deal with oil skin.  Also, products can be targeted for people who suffer from acne as opposed to someone who wants a product that helps slow the effects of aging.  No matter what your skin care needs, you should be able to find it at  In addition to skin care products, they also sell fragrances, makeup, and accessories that you'll need for proper skin care.

Many people are surprised to find that the company has items in its catalog geared specifically for men.  In this section, you'll find products useful for skin care while shaving or just skin care in general.

Make Savings At Clinique With Coupofy Coupons

Caring for your skin properly doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.  Your purchases from Clinique can certainly be cheaper if you make use of special discount codes.  At Coupofy Coupons, you can easily find a list of different coupons and deals to help you save money on your skincare products.  Just click a discount link to be taken to the website where you'll see your savings upon checking out at the site.

Payment and Returns

You can use major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover to pay for your purchase on  If you have a Paypal account, you can use that as well.  You won't be able to send a check or money order in as a method of payment.

Clinique also sells e-giftcards.  If someone has given you one, then you can redeem it online for your favorite items.

If you end up not being happy with something that you have ordered from the company, then you have the option to return whatever is left.  You have the option of getting a refund or exchanging it for something else.  The original invoice will have a return section that you'll need to fill out, and you'll also need to attach a return label to the original box if you still have it.

Customer Services

If you want to send Clinique an email, their address is [email protected].  You can also go to their website and chat with a live representative.  This option is available between 8am and 10pm on weekdays, and 10am and 8pm and Saturday and Sunday.  You can also call their call center between those hours at (800) 419-4041. 


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