The Great Fruit and Veggie Mix

Have you ever thought to combine fruits and veggies produce a tasty yet nutritious juice? In most cases, juicing is left out to the sweet fruits and few people ever mix them with vegetables. Well, several fruit-veggie combo juices have been tried, and the final product is heavenly. However, not every fruit can be mixed with just any vegetable. Ensure that the combination brings forth a product that is neither too bitter or extremely sweet. A Clever combination is, therefore, necessary. 

Why does it matter?

September is the fruit and veggie month. What a better way to usher the month than indulging in refreshing fruit and vegetable juicing recipes. The best part is that these juices can be prepared at the comfort of your kitchen. Have you prepared your juicer yet? Check out our coupon and deals from eBay or Target to get your juicer. Now shall we look at these recipes?

Ginger, beet, carrots, apple

The unique aspect of the recipe is the inclusion of root vegetables. Root veggies are known for high fiber which adds an advantage in helping food move through the digestive tract. Ginger makes it even better by calming your stomach aches and rumbling. The inclusion of apples in the juice helps sweeten the veggies as they further assist in the cleansing of the digestive system. Apples are also preferred since they are an antioxidant and therefore boosting the immune system. 

How to juice

Like every other juicing ingredient, start by washing clean all of them. Pay particular attention to the root vegetables to get rid of any soil available. Peel ginger and carrots and then either, chop, slice or grate them. For the beets, you can leave the skin on or peel it if you don’t want an earthy taste. Remember to peel the apple and core it. Next, mix all the ingredients in a blender and wait until you have a perfect consistency. You can add water if you prefer it thin. Get a fine mesh strainer and pour the smoothie into a large bowl, and press the pulp down to squeeze all the juice out. You can now discard the pulp and pour the juice into a glass. You can either drink immediately or refrigerate for two days. However, fresh juice always tastes better.

Broccoli, Pear, and Apple

These three are a favorite in many households. However, few people have an understanding that they can be created into one delicious yet healthy juice. First, Broccoli is known for its rich source of calcium which is very beneficial in many ways. From bone and teeth health, improving the functioning of the heart and nerves and muscle functioning. Pear and apples are high in fiber, and this gives you an advantage of staying longer without hunger pangs. Although this juice requires raw and hence not delicious broccoli, the sweetness emanating from the pears and apples help tame the final product. 

How to juice

The preparation is easy since what you need is to wash clean the ingredients and then core the pears and apples. Leave the skin of the fruits for juicing since it is rich in fiber. For the broccoli, the most juice and nutrients are found in the stem. Therefore, it is advisable to juice the stem and eat the florets instead.  Mix the stem, pear, and apples in a juicer and let it work until there is a smooth consistency.

Kiwi, spinach, and parsley

The above are rich sources of Vitamin K. As you are aware, this type of vitamin aids in the absorption of calcium, and this translates into healthy bones in your body. Vitamin K also helps in blood clotting as well as assisting in the overall heart health. Parsley, in particular, has lots of chlorophyll making it an excellent contributor to the blood component. It also cleanses the liver and improves the functioning of the heart. 

How to juice

Get your ingredients that is; kiwi, spinach, and parsley in equal measures. However, you might consider having a double portion of the kiwi fruit if you prefer your juice a bit sweeter. Remove the stems in the spinach and parsley and then juice all of them together. Finally, enjoy your green and healthy juice.

Kales, Grapes, Cucumber, and Apple

The best news with this recipe is the high amounts of iron it carries. Iron is especially important for women in their periods as well as the pregnant who need this nutrient for healthy blood cells. Besides iron, a combination of the above ingredients delivers a considerable amount of vitamin K which is necessary for ultimate muscle functioning and bone health.

How to juice

Start by slicing the kales and cucumber, core the apple and then gather your green seedless grapes. Blend the combination of all the ingredients until smooth. You can then strain the juice and if you wish, add more water to make the juice thinner. The juice is ready for serving, but a little twist is always desired. Garnish with a fresh kale leaf or a cucumber slice. In the case where you prepared excess juice, you can consider refrigerating but not beyond two days. While serving refrigerated juice, ensure that you shake well before pouring in the glass. 

Melon, Cucumber and Lime Juice

Melons are a common ingredient in many juices and smoothies. It is mainly because of its high water content and nutritious value. Melons are also great cleansers and detoxifiers. Cucumbers supply skin friendly minerals that radiate and keep our skins healthy. They also flush out toxins in the body and contribute to the weight loss journey. Just like cucumbers, lime juice is essential for weight loss, skin care, and many other medicinal benefits. 

How to juice

Of all the above juices, this is the simplest to prepare. All you need is to remove the melon seeds, cut the outer skin and then chop the flesh into chunks. Next, cut the cucumber into large pieces and for the lime, remove the pith. You can then take your juicer and mix all the ingredients together. If you instead prefer a blender, you need to strain it to get rid of the pulp. Your juice is then ready, and all you need is to pour it into a tall glass and then serve.


There you have it. A selection of unique yet tantalizing juicing recipes. Whatever excites you, be sure to try it. Even better, attempt all and see how it goes. The greatest advantage is that all the above fruits and veggies are in most cases already in the kitchen. If not, they are readily available from Vons. If you wish to make a killer in the presentation especially if you have some friends visiting, serve the juices in tall and clear glasses which you can buy from eBay at discounted prices using our coupon deals. Also, ensure you garnish with a slice of one of the ingredients used in the preparation. You can be assured of a mini celebration as you and your friends sip down the irresistible juices.   

Sep 27, 2016